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    Question Painter 6 - a good offer?


    i'm asking because i don't know much about the pricing -

    a friend offered me an unopened and unregistered version of Painter 6 for about 120$.

    is that too much or is it ok?
    thanks for your answers,


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    I say thats an awesome deal. I believe that painter 7 is $ 480 bucks! I say thats an awesome deal. I don't know how much painter 6 is but I use 6 and it works beautifully. I've also heard that if one used 6 before and went to 7, there will be some changes that some people don't really like. I think the watercolor brush isn't there.

    anyways I'd get it if I were you! check prices b4 doing so!
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    i just looked up at amazon; painter 6 is not stocked and the list price for painter 7 is at 499$

    so, 120 bucks is ok

    (i heard that painter 6 is veeery good with the update to 6.1)

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    $120.00 for a full, legal, registerable Painter 6 is a good price, especially if you're buying it from a friend you can trust.

    This means you should be eligible for upgrade pricing to Painter 7, or later this year, to Painter 8.

    Painter 6, with the Painter 6.1 patch installed (you can download it from is a good version and not too far behind the times to be very useful.

    Painter 7 does definitely have Water Color brushes. What's different is that the technology is all new, to better simulate traditional watercolors. Some older version Painter users were disappointed to find that the earlier version (and Painter Classic 1) Water Color brushes won't work the same in Painter 7.

    However, if they already own an earlier version, they can keep it on their system and do their Water Color painting in either version, depending on what they want.

    Other earlier Painter version brushes can be Imported into Painter 7 and most, if not all, work the same.
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    here is what I did and I don't know if it works all the time, but it worked for me. I bought Photoshop 6 along time ago and I tried to install it and I couldn't get it in it would keep saying I need another version. Well I found out that I had the upgrade version which is like 150$, so I called up to Adobe and told them that I got the wrong one. The guy told me all I need is a unlock code and it will turn into the full version. The funny thing is the same thing happened when I bought painter 7 I got the upgrade version by mistake again and I called and got another code. It's kinda risky, but its better than paying 600$ they seem to give the code out. I mean I had to do it again too, cause I bought a used version of PS6 again for my Mac and I bought the upgrade again and again they gave the code for the full versions, so 3 seperate times. the programs work find to I haven't had a problem yet.

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