The best way to practice drawing hands?

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View Poll Results: Do you think I should draw hands from life?

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  • Do it, do it, do it. Practice makes perfect.

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  • Yes, but you shouldn't rely on life drawing alone.

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  • I think you should grab another book.

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    The best way to practice drawing hands?

    I bought TONS of art books last few weeks.

    Since I read this book [Link] , I've managed to draw anything from life a little quicker and more accurately, it's a great book.

    Giovanni Cavardi's "Drawing hands and feet" book, however, don't seem to be much of a help, 80% of the book is illustration and only a page or two explains how a hand works.

    I thought of doing more hands from life or from illustration book. But not sure if it's any good or just a waste of time. I mean sure, figure drawing helped me drawing bodies without references, but not sure if it's the same with hands since they're more complicated.

    So please, even if you're too lazy to type the answer, at least vote, thank you.

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    Absolutely draw hands from life!! Its a no brainer. Doing studies of hands is absolutely useful too. And massively hugely totally drawing them from memory also! That forces you to actually find out what are the essential forms to make something read as a hand since you cant memorize everything little thing all at once.

    Doing studies of other artists hands teaches you how other artists have tackled simplifying and representing forms in their own way. Studying some Bridgman or Loomis or even Hogarth hands or hands from old masters will help you hugely. You will see things like "look how Bridgman is representing the form of how this nuckle connects here" ... THEN when you go back to your life drawing you will start to SEE "hey that's that form on my hand I can see it now!"

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    I always thought about it like this.. You have to draw 10 times more hands and heads than other body parts because they are the only ones exposed this much. You should aim to be able to rely on your kinesthetic sense. but to learn it you should do it and try as many different approaches as you think is possible.

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    Just draw them... Yes, draw from life, yes draw from reference, yes draw from books so you learn the structure anatomy and whatnot. But just keep doing it. Its just milage. Alex Negrea one day was like.. "oh shit, i think i can't draw hands that well" and then he drew 2000 hands in a month to improve at that.

    Here is a little pic of what he did for that. Found it very motivational.

    Name:  100_hand_studies_by_alexnegrea-d2z2bga.jpg
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