Hello everyone, room for one more?

I've been very inspired by the sketchbooks here and thought it's time I began my own. I'm not very confident in my abilities at the moment, especially imaginative work.
Below are drawings/practices from the last year, although not a great amount.
Please have a look through and tell me the truth about what you think
I am planning on working in my sketchbook as much as I can from now and posting the uploads every week or so.

Recent self portrait sketches using mirror, looking like a psychopath

Name:  practice 3 (2) smaller.jpg
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Size:  60.6 KBName:  practice 4.jpg
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Some older practices coming through to new. Mixture of references, imagination/memory and a couple of life drawings.

Name:  Drawing Practice1.jpg
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Name:  Drawing Practice6.jpg
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Name:  Drawing Practice8.jpg
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1st from reference and the lovely trio from imagination (terrible)
Name:  Drawing Practice9.jpg
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Sketch from life
Name:  Drawing Practice10.jpg
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More female form practice. Was quite satisfied with the imagination/memory ones at this point, still clueless drawing them from any other angle though.
Name:  Drawing Practice11.jpg
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2 Badly drawn women from reference and one from imagination, left to right. As you can see I was pretty frustrated with it and started shooting in the dark haha
Name:  Drawing Practice15.jpg
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Another attempt at drawing from imagination, unfinished as I didn't feel confident with how to draw the body.
Name:  Drawing Practice16.jpg
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Drawing of my hand
Name:  Drawing Practice19.jpg
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Some recent ones from imagination
Name:  practice 1.jpg
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Quick Sketches from reference
Name:  Scan.jpg
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Head drawing from reference, something seems slightly off with this, proportionally, but I can't put my finger on it.. Name:  practice 6.jpg
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Any help you guys would be willing to offer would be much appreciated. I'm obviously completely out of my depth when drawing people from imagination and so could use a leg-up