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Thread: Dragon Portrait

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    Dragon Portrait

    I thought I would share my process for people interested in working in photoshop but don't want to use custom brushes for effects.
    Everything on this is painted with a basic round brush

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch01.jpg
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    this is my very rough sketch notice that I am making sure I think in terms of simple shapes

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch01a.jpg
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    I create a new layer and paint the color scheme in flat poster like shapes

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch02.jpg
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    Here I just try and build up form in a very loose way

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch03.jpg
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    I change the hues and colors in different areas for markings

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch04.jpg
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    I increase the contrast to bring out the loose textures I painted

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch05.jpg
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    Here I globally adjusted the overall colors to something a little warmer

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch06.jpg
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    I go in and refine areas by drawing right over the image to create more organized structure

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch08.jpg
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    Now I think about what is in shadow and what is in light and refine the shapes and clean up edges

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch010.jpg
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    I keep refining the small details thinking abut how light would affect all of the big shapes first and then the little bumps and creases in its skin

    Name:  dragonblueandgoldsketch013.jpg
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    I realized I forgot to paint the spikes above its other eye, so I add those and I'm done. The finished picture
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    Amazing. Out of curiosity, how long did all of that take you?

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    Probably four or five hours total maybe a little longer. I didn't do it in one sitting because of other commitments but half a day is about right

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    Thanks for this, dpaint. Good to see someone else whose digital sketching is as scruffy as mine. Also nice to see such good use of the basic round ps brush.

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