Zaerah's sketchbook, critique and tips appreciated
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Thread: Zaerah's sketchbook, critique and tips appreciated

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    Zaerah's sketchbook, critique and tips appreciated

    Hey, and welcome to my sketchbook.

    For first i would like to introduce myself.

    I'm a 20 year old male from finland, i have been drawing since 14 years old, allthough back then it was just something i spent time when i had nothing to do and never really improved.

    My interest for drawing was lost after that for a few years, when it finally lit again when i was maybe 16 or 17 and began to draw pokemon fanart. That time it was different and i really started to care about the quality of my work , thus began the road "to not suck".

    Most of my stuff from age of 17-19 are completely lost because i'm an idiot, but to give some persepctive, this is the quality on my work back then.

    But now is now, and even though i have come a long way, it has been a quite "lonely" road.
    I very, very rarely get any usefull feedback for my work if at all, and even thought i'm studying to work with games, the education we get in 2d is mainly animating that i'm not interested about.
    This is why i would appreciate any feedback and tips.

    I start this sketchbook with some of my latest work(little guy with staff being latest), also this thread is going to contain a lot of material from my final project which is my main time sink at the moment and will be for months to come (deadline is almost a year away but i have seen so many projects fail due to lack of time...)

    I hope you find something here that pleases your eye.

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