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    Amazing stuff as always! One crit I have would be that the arms and joint areas look a bit wonky in the painting. It might help to tilt them back in space a bit more, since they appear to currently be pointing straight up almost, or maybe use atmospheric perspective to make the positioning of the limbs clearer. Hopefully that makes sense. Anyways, thanks for posting man!

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    I'm loving your work Mothman!

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    Super detailed bird! Not sure if it was intentional but the pose of it and the way the arms are almost symmetrically posed gives the bird a very stiff rigid feel. Especially with the way the neck is perfectly turned sideways to the viewer, however the details are awesome!

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    That avian character looks super badass! Keep posting

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    The details in your work never ceases to amaze me :o Your linework is also very clean!
    The avian pic is looking great; however, at first I had trouble making out what was in the image due to the amount of details. Maybe push some back a little so it's easier to make out the arms in perspective. But that's just my suggestion, I'm not sure it'll work out

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    I apologise for the huge gap between posts, it was due to a couple of reasons. Firstly my graphics card decided to give up on me; it took a while to figure out what had happened to my PC and to consequently get a new one delivered. The second reason is a positive one and it's because Iíve been busy with work.

    dragning: Thank you! Yeah you're right about the arm looking like they're at the wrong angle. I did play with atmospheric perspective a little but obviously not enough I may try and fix the issues with this image but itís always just too tempting to move onto the next image. I appreciate you taking the time to comment and crit

    Robbie7: I appreciate the love Robbie, cheers

    crankshaft: Thanks buddy! I agree it did end up feeling stiff due to the pose/symmetry. I have learnt a lot from creating the image and the feedback received. As always I appreciate your crits and comments

    Minella: Thank you! I'm glad you like it

    Airi Kervinen: Thank you Airi! I think you're spot on; I need to add less detailed areas for the viewerís eye to rest on. Also some atmospheric perspective could have been used to push the fuel tank towards the viewer and the arms further away to increase depth. I appreciate you crit

    This post includes some random rpg prop designs and the usual pencil scans, comments and crits are always welcome.

    Name:  RPG_Props.jpg
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Size:  138.5 KB

    Name:  Sketchbook_191.jpg
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    Name:  Sketchbook_192.jpg
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    Name:  Sketchbook_193.jpg
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    Thanks for taking the time to visit, I appreciate

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    Heyo Mothman

    Sorry to hear your graphic card passed out.
    But since you're working on stuff it's all good

    The props you did are very good let us see more.
    not much to critic, your design are pretty good. If you add a description of the character, maybe I can suggest few things

    keep up your update buddy

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