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Thread: aolian - Composition 1.1

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    Wow, the Cortes study is really close ! It actually made me think about Eugene Laloue and all his paintings in the street of Paris.
    And there is a huge difference between the Gerome and the Leyendecker portrait study since in the first one you were only concentrated on values.
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    Sorry for the long delay! Some family stuff has been eating my time, but I've been looking forward the entire time to getting back into levelup again.

    @Fincks: I'm glad you mentioned Eugene Laloue, I'd never heard of him but just looked up his work and it is really similar-- I wonder if he and Cortes were contemporaries? Gonna have to look that up.

    @Jason: Thank you so much!! I'm glad those last few are getting closer, and I'll definitely try to keep up the workflow habits.

    @samwaulu: thanks for the encouragement and the brush tip! You were right, as soon as I started using a texture brush those trees were way closer to the right effect, and quicker to put down.

    @MartinGill561: Thanks a lot, Martin! I just checked out your thread and you have improved a TON since starting-- I hope I can get to that level of quality in that time frame someday. [/inspiration] Good luck with getting your times down further!

    Here's the more polished Qiu Ying:
    Name:  LVup_Comp_07_sm2_fin.png
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    Here's a Borguereau study. I liked the contrast between the triangular girl (with her unique diagonal lines drawing your eye to her), the rectangular background shapes, and the round basket of pomegranates. Also, I feel like the two white pillars and her eyes are somehow rhythmically related.
    Name:  LVup_Comp_08sm_last.png
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    I found this study really tough for some reason! +8 hours.

    My favorite thing about this Bierstadt painting is the luminous 'transparency' that comes from the careful placement of values, and all of the hard edges that blend out into gradients, then run into another hard edge. There's also a rhythm where the crisp lines of the mountain and cliff get lost in the clouds, then show up clearly, then get lost again.

    I thought it was interesting that the entire sky has less contrast overall than the mountain -- the darks of the mountain are darker than the lower sky, and the brights of the mountain are brighter than the upper sky. The base of the mountain blends into the dark foreground, but the peak really pops with that bright white.
    Name:  LVup_Comp_09sm.png
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    This one took about... 4 hours, I think. SNAIL.GIF
    Last edited by aolian; April 29th, 2014 at 04:31 AM.
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    the lighting on the bouguereau face could use a second observation as could the hand. Bouguereau ALWAYS aces his hands and feet so be aware of that. The other two are very close and exactly where they need to be given these are just studies. You are on the right track...just keep them rolling. This is showcase quality stuff and is worth sharing for sure.

    Keep it up. This is inspiring to see happening.
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    Nice work on the Bouguereau study ! I like the contrast between the wall/ground and the clothe in term of textures.
    They are two spots where your lightest lights are a bit too light.

    I didn't know this one from Bierstadt, I'm gonna find it in colour !
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