Announcement - Website update:
Well it's that time again, we've just finished a MASSIVE overhaul and update on our website. Not only is it brand spanking new with a fancy new HTML5/AJAX framework but we've practically tripled the eye candy in our portfolio. The downside of working from sun-up to sun-down on the most exciting indie games of the past two years is that it leaves precious little time for website updates, however the upside is that when that update finally does come it is HUGE - and the best of the best(not covered by NDA) is now up at for the world to see!

Who are we?
Ironbelly Studios is a provider of game development services catering to small, medium and some-times large game studios around the world. While we have primarily aimed to work smaller indie studios, offering some of the most competitive rates around, our capabilities have certainly grown over the past couple of years to handle larger and larger projects. We started out as a creative service provider, offering some of the best 2D, 3D, Animation, VFX, SFX and Level Design services in the indie scene but last year expanded our talent pool to include more than a couple wizards of code from the Unity and Unreal communities, thus completing the service cycle! We are now proud to be a full service development house with the ability to handle every facet of game development, be it technical or creative for all games under the sun from Mobile to PC.

What services do we offer?
As you'll see on the site we provide the full spectrum of services with the majority of our experience being with Unity and UE3/UDK covering both PC, Web and Mobile games. We offer fully managed comprehensive cross-discipline teams so you never have to worry about tracking down and taking risks on multiple people to ensure the work gets done. It's all taken care of under one roof with teams of people who have been working together for years. In terms of a nice bullet point list it looks a little something like this:

* 2D: Concepting and illustration
* 3D: Organic and Hardsurface Modeling
* Rigging, Animation and Mocapkilled with Mecanim, Straight up Unity or Unreal Animtree's
* UI design: Very experienced with nGui, Scaleform, Flash, Canvas or Straight Unity UI
* Level Design: Advanced knowledge and experience with Unity and Unreal. Services include full documentation and planning, terrain, lighting, shaders, materials, post processing, and everything else you'd need done in the editor
* VFX work: Be it sprite based or real time particles using Shuriken or Cascade
* Audio: Full soundtrack composition and sound effects
* Programming: Scripting for both Unity(C# or JS) as well as Uscript for UE3/UDK
* Writing: Creative writing services available for scripts, dialogue and game design

Why Ironbelly?
Since the last website update in 2012 we've worked on over 100 different projects, all bringing their own set of unique challenges and rewards. With each one we've honed our skills even further, learning new and better ways to do what we do. We want to bring this experience and raw talent to the table on your project to save you from having to learn the lessons we learned the hard way, skipping right to the finish line with a phenomenal success minus the headaches. We've gathered together a group of the most talented developers you can imagine and refined an incredibly efficient system of working together to ensure that while the quality of our work has risen exponentially over the years our prices are still competitive for indie budgets. When you combine this affordability, efficiency and quality the answer to the question 'Why Ironbelly?' becomes more and more apparent.

A few Projects we've worked on over the past 12 months
  • Arena of Heroes
  • Jeklynn Heights
  • Evil Master Overlord
  • Final Rush
  • LOD: Tactics
  • ReRave Plus
  • Frozen Shard TCG
  • Stop the Bots
  • Civil War: 1863
  • Russian Front
  • Running Quest
  • Arena of Champions
  • A New Reckoning
  • Dungeon Myths
  • IOSource
  • Eclipse: Avalon's Gate

So that's it, that's my spiel If you have any questions or want to chat about working together on a project I definitely invite you to head over to the new website at, before it looses that new car smell, and take a closer look at what we've done. Hopefully it won't take long for you to get a good sense if we'd be a good fit for what you're cooking up over there. Afterwards I certainly would look forward to the opportunity to sit down over email or skype and hear a bit more about what you are working on and what role we could play to help bring your project to the world. Feel free to use the contact or quote forms on the website or just send us an email to

Thanks and have a great day!