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    -really-cheap digi cams...worth the buy?

    hi all...i'm in need of a digi cam, i'd really like to get input on my art....i can't afford a decent one right now; i just want to get my pics out there, and in the proccess, i can save for a better one...
    so, is it worth it to buy an extremely cheap digi cam to post pics up here until i can come up with more moola?....
    i went to, and they have some really low priced sale items; i was wondering if anyone has heard of them (they're mostly off brands, obviously) or if you've used them...
    here's a couple i was considering...
    Bell and Howell compact digi cam...
    BH23 digi cam....
    jetix spy cam...
    sipix blink II digi cam..
    anybody got any info on these, or any links to good sale websites?

    p.s....on another note real the heck do the font, size, and color buttons on the compose for posts work? i've tried everything, and i keep getting this same look...

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    before you go out and buy a cheap digi-cam think. "why am I doing this?" are you doing for yourself or the art? I mean, are these shots that need to be taken immediately? or are you just feeling an urge to get your art out there? then as yourself "how is buying a cheap camera going to help me get a good one?" why don't you just save the cash and you will be that much closer to getting a good one. With a cheapo camera your snaps are going to look it. then ask "Is this just a passing hobby?" some people I know carelessly hurl themselves into a temporary hobby all out and then grow bored of it and give it up just as quick. I am not saying that you are careless, but make sure you know what you want to do before you go rushing in headlong. so in conclusion, before you go out and buy a camera, any camera, cheap or expensive, think of these questions and then make your decision.

    p.s. there are some good cheap cameras out there, but make sure to do all your research. you can get a great little piece for cheap if you look hard enough. happy hunting

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    You may want to consider getting a decent film SLR instead of a crappy digital camera. In terms of teaching you about photography, a good film camera is a better choice than a really limited digital. Now, that said, a GOOD digital camera will teach you a LOT faster than even a good film camera. How much were you looking to spend? I would not go for any of the brands you just listed.

    Arka C.

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    i would definately NOT buy a cheap digital camera.

    see, if you buy one drastically below ~200$, you'll get cheap lenses and cheap chips.
    both will result in crappy pictures....

    maybe you can get a used model for low money,
    or, there are some very neat canon models out now for below 350$...
    well, still, it is a lot of money
    but i'd rather pay it and enjoy the quality of my pictures
    than always thinking "man, this COULD have been a good image if there was not....."

    you can check out
    that website has infos about almost EVERY digital camera
    maybe you find something helpful about the ones you consider buying.

    ~ terribilis est locus iste in meo capite ~

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