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    Sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something...

    Hey guys, Taylor here...
    I don't really want to explain myself too deeply here just yet, maybe show you some of my (poor) work first. I will say that I am 21 years old. Full time work and school, about 40 hours of work and 12 hours of school per week. I hope to suck at art, suck less, then suck more, then suck less, then suck more again, and then one day be kinda okay. We will have to see

    Below I will post some arts that I have been doing in the last two weeks. Prepare yourself for a few good laughs, *its okay because I laugh at it too* and hopefully... the adventure of a lifetime!

    These first few uploads will be my attempt at a self portrait.. sadly I spent many hours on it and some charcoal still life I set up in my room.
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    hey dude, and welcome to the .org. don't despair, just keep posting work. the more work you put up, the more helpful people will be able to be in directing you to better help, or better techniques, etc. great that you started a sketchbook, that's step 1. keep posting. i'll be back with a crit sometime soon. be sure to comment in other people's sketchbooks as well, and you'll see more action along with your posts. take care, and welcome!


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    Hi, I just joined this group. I just started drawing again. I'd offer this advice to anyone, beginner or pro: Keep your work or give it to someone who will keep it for you. Look back at your work from time to time. Toss it and you'll wish you still had it. I promise you that. You will see your progress. You will see where you're improving. If you draw a picture of yourself, or anything else, 10 times, the 5th will be better than the 1st. The 10th will be better than the 5th. It works. Oh, and put a date on the back of each sheet of paper you draw on. Final thing: Stop putting yourself and/or your work down. With respect, IdahoBaird

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    Nice setup. As your title stated, all you have to do is keep practicing. Keep posting your progress, I'm interested to see how you improve.

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    Hi Taylor and welcome to CA

    I hope you'll fill this with tons of updates. I suggest you focus on one thing at a time by studying it and then doing it from memory.
    If you want critic for the pieces you've posted:

    -for the portrait, be sure to draw structure and proportions very well (see andrew loomis or asaro heads), overall is ok but you'll aim for more precise drawing and more confident strokes.
    -Focusing on drawing lines is the foundation of anything, rendering is the next step.

    Train to draw perfect circles, square and ellipes ; do tons of them (really)

    be sure to comment on other sb to get other members come and comment your own sb. Even if you feel having nothing to say !

    good luck with your nexts

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    Sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something... cont.

    @purb36 - Thanks for the kind words! I'll keep posting stuff up. Also I took a look at your sketchbook.. and I can't help but grin at the coincidence. Believe it or not, yours was the first sketchbook I happened upon at CA !! Crazy that you would be the first comment in mine!

    @IdahoBaird - What a great idea to keep all of my work :o ! I'll have to do that. I've already started to date everything to be archived more easily. Also I'll be sure to try not to put my work down! I have a long way to go, but that is exciting to me!

    @YellowCanary - I also cannot wait to see your stuff Post soon friend!

    @Zou - Thanks for the critique! There are going to be hella circles coming soon! Also good advice on commenting on other people sketchbooks.. I've been silently lurking these last few days.. time to go out there and say hello!

    Well here are some drawings I did over my weekend (sunday-thursday workweek). First one is from when I went to the beach... I was pretty embarrassed to draw in public because of my skill *well lack thereof*. It was fun to try out brush pens tho..

    Name:  7.png
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    This next one.. well another from over the weekend
    Name:  10.png
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    And this last one is a project for school. Mostly to practice contours I think.. and next week perhaps we work on values? I'm in a beginning drawing class for university
    Name:  9.png
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    hey, you have some nice work here. but if i were to critique your work i would say you need focus on perspective. your line should be converging toward the horizon. the head has good details in it, for help with proportions look up loomis head chart. you probably could find pdf of his books online.
    to improve really quickly look for the pdf drawing the figure of all its worth by andrew loomis and put as many drawing as you can from that pdf/book into a sketch book and take notes.if put five pages of a day of the loomis drawings into your sketchbook, when you hit page 50 you will be impressed with your progress.
    my teacher always tell me "if you are looking down more at your paper then then subject you are doing it wrong."

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    Please do not download the pdf - the books are still in copyright and are easily found on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

    You may find it easier to learn if you're sitting up in a decent posture. That position with the bottle will only distort the drawing.

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    Hey there. I think you are off to a very nice start. Drawing from life is one of the best ways to learn quickly. Continue doing it like this and you will improve quick and alot. You seem to have a feeling for form. You know what they say... practice alot, and eventually you will feel more comfortable with it. Looking forward to see more studies.. cheers!
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    Hi, I really like the school project, looks very interesting and neat! I always get scared when using a marker (can't erase xD) lol.
    I'm sooo envious of the cube and sphere models - I'm sure they will help you a lot.
    So yeah, nice start! Good luck.
    I've been drawing for: 9 months!

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    Sucking at something is the first step to being kinda good at something... Cont.

    @greedymonkey - I think your teacher was on to something! Also I'll be sure to take more time to study perspective. I kinda enjoy the structure of perspective. Also I took your advice and picked up the Loomis book...
    Name:  1.png
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    @Black Spot - AND I DIDN'T EVEN DOWNLOAD IT I'll be sure to sit upright

    @Talis - Thanks so much! Great advice. We have a project for my class to keep a sketchbook and draw something for each letter of the alphabet.. I have a statue of an angel in my library to draw for 'A'. I'll be sure to post each one I draw... Hopefully there will be improvement from Angel to Zipper

    @Alicja - Thanks the class project took a really long time.. but it was really fun too! Your sketchbook was the second one I ever saw on this site, so in a way your post is also coincidentally special to me! Good luck with getting into the class~ and don't be afraid to sell your ps3... its a waste of time anyways MOAR DRAWING and we can both me heros of art someday!

    Okay guys, here are the "Hella Stuff" drawings I was talking about. These are my circles, squares, and ellipses. I did many more at work, but I think its kinda pointless to upload tens of pages of this...
    Name:  2.png
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Size:  358.8 KBName:  4.png
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    Next are some notes I took on a youtube video talking about light and shadow..
    Name:  6.png
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Size:  250.1 KBName:  7.png
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    And some sketches.. and a sloth for my sister (She LOVES Sloths for some reason.. )
    Name:  9.png
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Size:  658.9 KBName:  8.png
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    And Finally... some motivation
    Name:  10.png
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    You're off to a good start it looks like! I don't see any figure drawing yet, if you haven't started it yet you really owe it to yourself to go to sessions - it's kind of a trial by fire, I think figure drawing sessions improved my own ability more than any other exercise. Your college might offer sessions for free, but also check around your city for figure drawing groups\cooperatives.

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    Keep up the good work! Do you have the 'Heads and Hands' Loomis book too?

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    I was going to say that you should try to draw everyday but seem to have already figured that out! lol
    Well anyway make sure you're not too tough on yourself if you miss a day or two! it can be good to give yourself a break every so often!

    "You're already DEAD!"
    Princes of the Universe

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    My First "AHA" Moment!!!

    @world - Noooo! I missed a day~ That means I'm tapping out... NOT! It takes me about half an hour to write out a post (maybe I'm slow or something)... so I decided it was better to do one post every 2 days during the workweek.

    @humboldt squid - Thanks for the advice! I took it! Kinda... I don't really have the time to attend a figure drawing class currently... but I do have a deaf student in one of my classes. It's a 3 hour class with 2 sign interpreters so I've been using it as a mini life drawing class~ I know I should pay attention.. but so far I have an A from following the book! HAHA.

    @TheFlyingPlatypus - Thanks friend! I totally don't! Is it good? Shall I put it on my next Amazon order?

    @JamesSimmons - I took your advice and took a break from posting.. Not drawing tho! Its too fun for me to break from at the moment. Since I only get about 5 hours of sleep.. the meditative effects of sketching throughout the day are really helping my mind stay somewhat rested.

    OKAY!!! Today I had my first ever "AHA!" moment when it comes to drawing. I doodled a few caricatures of some friends at work (sadly I gave them away before I took a picture), and afterwords during a slow time at work I drew this picture of my coworker's iphone (on a cardboard box... at work you do what you can right? ).
    I know its not perfect by any means, but after practicing many straight lines, curves, and ellipse shapes, it was really easy to make the shapes! And I got lost looking at the phone. It was like magical! I also caught myself using the negative space to draw the awkwardly half-plugged-in charger. Sadly I had no time to try to add values.
    I think the most exciting thing was that it was very closely proportioned! like the cord is the same size as the cord on the phone, and when we put his phone on the drawing in the same position... IT FIT PERFECTLY! I don't know why this made me really happy, but it was nice.
    Name:  1.png
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Size:  369.6 KB

    Then on the way to school I started to notice how things fit, and realized that if I look closely at the negative space between objects that are off in the distance to objects that are close, I can imagine them on a 2-D plane in proportion... It was an "AHA" moment and I am still super hyped about this!

    Next is the start of our "Values" project for my art class. I didn't notice until I took the picture, but the bottles are pretty poorly proportioned. The angle of the left side of the upright one is pretty bad, and neck of the laying down one is funny looking. I think its because I moved my head some when drawing.. When you draw from life are you supposed to keep your head perfectly still? :o idk...
    Name:  2.png
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Size:  510.2 KB

    Here is an example of the "life drawings" I did in my C++ class last week...
    Name:  3.png
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Size:  234.0 KBName:  4.png
Views: 2129
Size:  272.4 KBName:  5.png
Views: 2142
Size:  239.3 KBName:  6.png
Views: 2140
Size:  268.1 KB

    And here are today's. After my epiphany I started drawing some negative spaces between people and stuff, then it got to the point where I couldn't stop drawing everything. My teacher thought I was furiously taking notes and complimented me on how studious I am... LOL~
    Name:  7.png
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Size:  279.5 KBName:  8.png
Views: 2147
Size:  284.0 KBName:  10.png
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Size:  291.7 KBName:  9.png
Views: 2110
Size:  306.8 KB]Name:  11.png
Views: 2114
Size:  341.8 KBName:  12.png
Views: 2108
Size:  251.7 KB

    I think I may have improve some tiny bit over these last few days.. but more importantly, I found a new love in drawing. I don't know what happened to me today, but its a very euphoric feeling. Anyways gotta keep fighting! Well.. back to the drawing board for me!

    Then some sleep \(Z.z)/

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