dang skin tones. i do those there self portraits of the day, like Mr. Jone's does. I've done over 100 black and white ones and I'm quite sure I want to do color every day now. But, mixing skin tones is so freaking hard.
I was thinkin of lookin at different masters paintings, takin them into photoshop, and lookin at the different colors in the skin tones of their portraits. I dunno if that will help a lot though. I was also thinkin of maybe just tryin to look at a color they mixed and then just try to mix it myself. I don't like copying other peoples work much, though. :-\

I'm also going to be workin through "Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green," but that moreso applies to just mixing colors. I need to learn to SEE the colors in the skin better.

Maybe I should get one of those true white lights... it couldn't hurt, right?