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    Smile My latest work - Noobie!

    Hey everyone!

    This is my first post on, and it's typical of me to post in the wrong place, so yeah, if that's the case, sorry!
    Figured after posting that maybe I should get to know the forum better before, but well, figured I'd just say hey this way.
    Looking forward to starting the lessons and to be a part of the community here. And btw, all these smileys seems very useful! hahah

    Hopefully this is the right place and the right way to present my work.. If not, maybe an administrator or something can move it to the right place?

    I'm Lise, a Norwegian student studying to become an art teacher, and will have my bachelor degree in May. I actually started my bachelor assignment today, so I will probably be posting some of the progress in the forums soon ^^ The following paintings are some of the artworks I've done for this school year's assignments. I've been really interested in children's book illustrations lately - there's so many inspiring book illustrations out there, it's overwhelming! I've only started scratching the surface of the subject and it's been really fun so far.

    I know I still got a LOT to learn, which is why I joined Level Up in the first place.
    Critiques and tips are very appreciated and will be repaid!
    I want to work hard to improve my art and hopefully make a living out of being an illustrator and a part time art teacher one day.

    "Adventure in Dreamland" - Acrylic painting, 80 x 100 cm

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    I did this one before Christmas and it took me a looot of time to finish, more than it probably should because I'm still getting used to acrylics paint. I'm most experienced with working with digital illustrations in Photoshop, and maybe this sort of painting would be better as a digital one. But it was fun to try and I learned a lot about working with acrylics on a large canvas. The school assignment was "Night and day".

    You can find close ups below and if anyone is interested, there's some more information about the painting and characters on my Facebook page
    I put thought into creating different personalities into each of the characters and even had a little story going with the painting.

    I know I have a lot to learn about composition, light and colors (and everything). Hopefully the lessons and watching others work and comments will help me on the way. I also need to widen my art vocabulary. My English vocabulary when it comes to art is almost wider than my Norwegian one (because of Youtube tutorials and the internet), so maybe I should become an English art teacher, hah..

    Close ups:

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    "Storytelling" - Watercolor and character creation

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    The painting above was my first watercolor painting to test out how the medium actually worked. I watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube beforehand; how to work wet into wet, textures with different brushstrokes etc. I was a bit hesitant to start with watercolor, it seemed to be very unpredictable and I'm always scared to do something wrong. After doing this painting I fell in love with the medium. It didn't take too long to get the hang of it and experimenting with it is really fun - recommended if you haven't tried it!

    Name:  IMG_0050r.jpg
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    After doing the first watercolor painting, I took the experience with me into my next school assignment. The class agreed to have the theme "dreams" for the assignment, lucky me! That meant that I could continue with my little attempt at doing children's book illustrations. I did a lot of experimenting and testing before actually starting on the painting and tried to be reflected on color use, composition, rhythm and such. It was very interesting to try the negative painting technique where you paint around the form and not inside of it (to make the trees and silhouette creatures).

    The three paintings above have similarities when it comes to theme, but my intention wasn't that they should all be for the same story. I wanted to try out different styles. Which one do you prefer of the three?

    That's my latest fine art for now. I'd be very happy to hear any thoughts and/or critiques on my work, and I'd be happy to repay it!
    Hopefully I didn't jabber on too much, I'm tired.. Time to sleep meow :meow
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    I think your students will be lucky to have you as their teacher when the time comes... My entire art education at school consisted of fat bored middle aged men who had pretty much nothing to show art wise. A disgrace considering my parents put me through private school and paid through the teeth! Its wonderful to see an excellent artist committed to inspiring the next generation!

    Oh and if you want to watch me paint live I recently got introduced to this thing called picarto TV... It's nice to do art and share it - if you have any questions it's great to talk too! I'm painting pretty much 12 hours a day so you'll most likely find me - unless I'm eating


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    Thank you for kind words! I think the best would be if art teachers actually practiced arts themselves on a regular basis. Many of my favorite teachers does, which is inspiring and motivational for the students. I also think the students will have a lot to teach me in return. I hope to end up as a teacher in highschool or at least for a bit older kids that have chosen to study arts themselves and are motivated to get better.

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    I think you are off to a great started. I have a few things for you to consider.
    In the first one your flying bed group is well composed it's not supported well with the background in space. Please think about a balance picture a heavy object to one side near the balance point then a small object balancing it, the small object will be much farther away from the balance point or fulcrum. Composition can work this way too. so your little house is too close to balance the big bed. when you balance in perspective it will still work as you have placed your house
    behind the bed.
    Now for the second piece most of you negative spaces are interesting shapes but no all of them. The shapes of the grass need more interest when they become interesting the roots and the tree and other figures will be much more interesting. You could also play with line weight on some of the figures the girl would come forward some and be seen as more important if she had strong outlining or shading behind her (she does under her legs but fades out has you go up her body. The hot pink of the little bear in the back makes him seem like an important figure if he is then maybe darker line work would make him a little clearer if he is not important then knock down the pink to subordinate him.

    Piece three I like this one I would suggest playing with line to separate the characters in a more thoughtful way. you can use shading also to help this too. So many characters in would be helpful to group them into smaller sub-groups they then have relationships with each other. this can be done with the line work ,shading and posing of characters. This will one lead the viewer thru the larger group easier two it will let you establish relations and mini stories at the same time.
    I'm going to suggest Scott McCloud's book on understanding comics as a good source for fine art and story telling too. Let me know what you think. You can get a used copy reasonably priced or pay full price as I think it is worth it.
    You are very talented keep at it.

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    Thank you so much for your feedback, very appreciated!
    I see your point with the balance in the first piece, it's a bit heavy on the right and you have a good point with placing the house further from it. Will definitely think of this in later works.
    Great tips about the shading/outlining of characters to make them stand out more. And I agree that I should probably have separated the figures in the last picture more so that they would get more relation to each other and create more interest in the characters.
    Will definitely check out the book after finishing my bachelor assignment.

    Thanks again! Great to get some tips on how to improve
    - Limsk

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    keep the work coming...

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    Cool! your watercolors are very tidy!

    I hope to do some works like this some day.
    I've never been much to use a brush, (pens pens pens all day pens, haha).
    maybe some pointers?

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