Hi all,

I┤ve startet to work hard on my art skills for 162 days till this day.
At first I┤ve not drawn ervery day, but that changed for the last 2 weeks.
To get the most pressure I┤ve set a frame of 365 days to make an utterly change in my art noticeable.

Since I┤ve lost my way into art as a life due to misguidance, lack of support and the lack of beeing able to see my own way through, I┤ve nearly lost my whole life and soul.
After school I endet up in a big health insurance company. I was to proud and stubborn to quit the apprenticeship. But to me it was 3 years of hell wich nearly crushed me.

After this time of getting bullied and them trying to break my self into peaces I had nothing to lose.
I declared to a college animation and movie course and started to follow my own path.

All this years my girlfrind were on my side and believed in me like tod
A few month after I have gotten my degree, our baby daughter was born.

Enough backstory...

To be able to reach the goal of my life, makes it obviously necessary to get all the core fundamentals down.

In my case drawing have become kind a life-and-death issue.
My own young family is relying on me and I never would let them down.
Like always I fight my way through.
So, for me, getting better at art is a must and not an interesting task anymore.

I really hope this enough info to "draw" your own picture of me.
Appart from all that I think I┤m really a relaxed, helpfull and polite person.

Have a nice one!