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    Tough time improving

    This piece is kind of a remake of an older one I did about a year and a half ago, and even tho its definitely better I kinda don't know where to head now. I mean of course practice, practice, practice and I see thinhgs that I need to focus on (especially those god damn hair:/) but I think others critiques will let me see things that I might not notice/realise so please be merciless.

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    Really need to soften those hard lines under the breast. Unless she is soaking wet the fabric shouldn't cling to her breast like that. Or if she's under water the fabric would float about her body quite loosely. (Not sure if she's underwater, hair appears to be floating slightly and possible sea monster.)

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    Well, I'd say that if you feel like you don't have a clear purpose, create one for yourself. Painting without a particular aim results in an aimless painting, which is rather what we're looking at here. She is looking at the viewer while doing something with her hand which is apparently communicating with a monster, but she seems completely oblivious to it. I don't know what connection she has with the monster, I don't know what environment she is in, I don't know what emotion you're trying to communicate, if any. This is as much a technical problem as it is a design problem.

    I would suggest to start over with this piece, but readjust your goals before you start and draw with a purpose in mind. Decide on who your character is, where she is and what she is doing, and how you're going to communicate that. Find references to help you do so. Connect with your painting, because if you don't, chances are the audience wont either.

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    Now that you've mentioned it does really look like its underwater tho its not suposed to be, about the breast part yeah I have trouble with that area I guess I wanted to make the dress look more fitted/tight? gonna work on that.

    As for the purpouse that's true that I don't have a defined direction and I'm still looking for one, and the idea in this piece is that she's fending of the monster but doesn't think much of him as if he doesn't represent much of a danger to her, I will try to make that clear next time I'm deffinitly goin to revisit this just not now I'm trying to put some variety in those.

    Thank you very much for those tips.

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    I think that the image works ok as a color comp, but as a painting, there is too much that looks rushed. I'd suggest redoing this image as a line drawing first. Don't even think about bringing to the computer until that line drawing is perfect and exactly as you picture it in your head. Find references. Think about what is going on in the scene and if your line drawing conveys that clearly to the viewers. Once you have that line drawing perfected (or as close to perfected as you can get), the coloring process will be much easier an much more enjoyable.

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    You need to learn to portray masses instead of just lines. Recommended reading: Bridgman's constructive anatomy. Recommended practice: Lots of life drawing.
    - Current project <- Crit away!
    - The Whyatt Sketchbook Any tips appreciated

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    Start with "Successful Drawing" by Loomis and "Perspective Made Easy" by Norling. Proceed with "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth" by Loomis. Draw lots, draw still life and figure studies, draw in pencil. You won't be able to compose pictures until you at least have a better grasp of perspective, constructive drawing and anatomy.

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    I concur with what others said. Take it for what it worths as I'm an beginner but I've made a paint over, what I have changed is:
    -anatomy of hand and arm
    -the head has no structure
    -your lighting source is (are?) unclear or at least don't reflect on the character well
    -work on your values
    -you don't take in account the perspective to build your character (especially visible with the breasts)

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