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    Master Study of the Day (two day study) 16- 02/25/14 -02/25/14 NSFB (not safe for fb)

    We are doing full color master studies every day on our journey to get better at art. Join us and continue to Level Up!

    Here is today's image for 02/09/14 #5 - Oehme

    Name:  ernst ferdinand oehme.jpg
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    1. Begin the master study from the image above. Studies are to be in full color. Be faithful to the masterwork. Do not use the color picker. Do not trace. This is an exercise that over time will pump up your skills very quickly.
    3. Upload your finished study directly in a reply to today's thread. Every day will have it's own thread with the image of the day.

    Time limit - 1 Hour minimum suggested study time. Spend all the time you like today, it is up to you. The more you put in, the better it is and the better you will get.

    A new image for the next study will be uploaded daily.

    ***Important: be sure that your study and the masterwork is placed side by side in the images that you upload (or top and bottom if in a horizontal format). It is impossible for Level Up participants to critique your work if you do not do this, or to even know how well you did. Make both the study and the masterwork the same size and put them right next to each other in the same image, prior to uploading it.


    -Focus on capturing and recreating the largest shapes of color first, so that you are working from broad strokes.
    -Do not waste time in the details. Purposely avoid rendering the "fingernails and eyelashes" or insignificant details which distract you from paying attention to the structure of the masterwork. Save the details and tiny brushes for the end.
    -Work small. The studies should be approximately the size of a playing card when you begin.
    -Be very careful to match the exact shape and format of the image you are studying from. If you draw out the shape of the image and it is longer or taller than the original, then you will struggle. This is a fun activity. Don't make it hard for yourself :)
    -Match the colors and shapes, and edges of the shapes, as accurately as you can within the time you have.
    -You may use any media you wish. Regardless of what you choose, remember to try to match your values and shapes the best you can in the time allowed.


    You may begin.

    P.S. If you wish to give crits to each other, you may do so right in the thread. As always on, giving critiques and helping each other is encouraged. If you need help, ask for it in your thread and other participants may lend a hand.

    .................................................. .................................................. ...........

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    Name:  pratica3.jpg
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    Very difficult. This is what I got in 1h20.

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    i try to learn , and hope get better soon. ^^
    Name:  Master_study_029_01.jpg
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    Ugh so much detail in one painting. I think I'm gonna push this further one on my own time. Started off blocking general shapes from left to right. Then repeating the same thing until reaching the tiny details.

    I left off zooming in a bit on the woman laying on the bottom right to block out shapes while paying attention to the subtle lighting.
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    them bitches look like they are drowning :D haha. i really think we should have satyr and nymphs by Bouguereau for a challenge

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