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    Will level up help me?

    I am kinda just getting started learning what to study and want to be a digital painter and concept artist. I would really like to know what others are getting out of this and if this is something that will help me. If it's worth it I would like to try. I'm embarrassed to have to ask, but my mom wants me to ask other students if this is a good study program before she will sign me up.
    What should I tell her?

    Thnx thnx thnx.


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    Absolutely, yes it will if you put in the work. I'm only on the first assignment and I'm already seeing drastic improvement. As far as content goes, it is an incredible value for the amount of money it costs and being self paced, you can cruise through as quickly or as slowly as you need. The consistent feedback about your work and specific assignments are great - so helpful. If you're not sure, do the free stuff in Start, but I personally wholeheartedly recommend it.

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    Be expected to do lots of work. This is a good thing. The amount of info being uploaded is amazing. And Jason Manley, even though a very busy guy, has commented on my work every single day since I've been posting. This is the essential point, to have a well respected top artist motivating and critiquing my work in a friendly and suggestive manner.

    Also the videos hold info you would only find in a proper art school or scattered around libraries if you are lucky.

    As soon as I watched the first video I paid for level up and I've not even begun the paid content yet.

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    Hi Kat. I'm going to quote myself from a pm with another person to save time. (Edited where appropriate)

    ". . .As for the level up workshop, yes, I think it's worth it, at least for me. Here's why:

    -I am studying art on my own and it's tough to focus and figure out what I should be studying. I can usually figure out a pretty good study schedule, but it takes a lot of hours of research to come to those conclusions. I will still have to figure out a schedule for some fundamental stuff, but levelup will eliminate a lot of time spent on figuring out exercises a source materials.
    -I signed up for a year and at the current discount price it comes out to $10.75 per month. That's about the cost of netflix, right? Pretty good, in my opinion.
    - Judging from the current videos, Jason Manley is good at explaining art concepts, and he covers the subject pretty thoroughly without overload.
    - Since there are expected assignments before you are able to access the next section, that motivates you to push through them and get them done.
    -Buddies- When you have people doing the same things you are, working from the same source materials, you can see their mistakes and successes and learn from that. I also think people are more willing to offer feedback when they are struggling through the same things you are.
    - You get feedback from a pro.
    -You can go at your own pace, so if something comes up in your life, you can take it easy without missing deadlines. At only $10.75 a month, it's not so much of a loss if you need to take a few days or a few weeks off. On the flip side of this, you can advance at a quicker pace if you have the capacity.

    Those things being said, I think you may have to supplement with other studies (Or not, if this is just a hobby) I could be wrong, but I don't think this workshop will cover some of the very basic drawing or painting fundamentals you may need. . ."

    Hope this helps a bit. Good luck in your negotiations. Don't forget that the price will go up if you wait too long. Take a look at morningbloom915's comp studies (she is 2 posts up). You can see marked improvement in her digital painting skills in a very short amount of time.

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    good info here, but i would like to clarify couple more things..

    i'm a hobbyist, not doing this for a career or anything, just to satisfy myself when i need to scribble/sketch.. anyways, i still wanna improve because i don't like what i end up with. even after reading many books, i only learned 1 or 2 things from each, and we don't have an art school so i'm stuck with what books and the internet provides, but still that doesn't talk to me or guide me the way i want it to be.. English is not my native language, so it's hard to understand everything.

    i'm missing alot of the basic techniques, colors, shading, form, proportion, etc.. So, is this course right for me?

    p.s. you can have a look at my sketchbook and probably gauge where am i at drawing..


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    there are two free workshop you can try, based on my experience it really help if you do the assignment routine

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