Across the week, I host critique hours for students in need of some feedback.

We cover everything, from lighting, shading, saturation, contours--faces, shapes, colours, as well as how-tos for eyes, noses and other facial styles, as well as many other subjects. The main topic lately is the 14-day challenge, where students are challenged to paint a face a day for 14 days. We compare the first and last day after the challenge, and the improvement we see is always phenomenal.

Here are some examples:

For those who want their work critiqued, email me so I can prepare them! Email is Thanks!

My Skype is also available for those who want their files sent back to them after the paint overs: istebrak.a

It'll be interactive and we'll have lots of fun. I’ll be on my microphone each time to help you guys out. You can also link me to your pictures and I'll show you what needs to be done and I'll record the lessons on the Livestream and post them on YouTube so you can find them again. Questions are always welcomed and encouraged, we're here to learn and have fun!

The Livestream link is here, be sure to bookmark it!