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Thread: any critique or advise on my work please?

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    any critique or advise on my work please?

    Here is my last work.
    I would like to hear any suggestions or critique for my work please.
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    Well I like it...

    Not much to say about it really... It's obviously stylised which means it's difficult to say how much feedback you want on things like lighting, proportion and anatomy etc... It's kinda like you're doing your own thing really. If this was meant to be a realistic portrait well then it's all wrong... The proportions are wrong, the lighting is flat blah blah blah...

    To judge it with absolutely no context at all with regards to your intentions then I'd say it looks nice enough to me (I'm a sucker for nice faces though). If I was to be picky I'd say the curly wurly jumper thing isn't the best choice - it just looks like you couldn't render the wool effect properly... and the right side of her neck isn't symmetrical in size with the left side.

    But that's about it for me. It's such a simple/basic piece - nice face on amorphous torso floating on white background... it's really difficult to say much more about it. Sorry! Maybe if you could give us an idea of what you want to achieve we could give you a better idea of what you might improve/change in order to get there?


    Oh and if you want to watch me paint live I recently got introduced to this thing called picarto TV... It's nice to do art and share it - if you have any questions it's great to talk too! I'm painting pretty much 12 hours a day so you'll most likely find me - unless I'm eating

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    Yes, I'd like to know the context of this piece. If it's JUST a portrait, who is she? What is going on with the rest of her body?

    To me, it seems the focus is her head what with the blue circle behind, and her hair which seems to come alive. Going with what you have, maybe her hair could use more variation?
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    I have to agree with CorinneDsin, what is going on with the body? It is too dark, seems like there is a black hole in the body; because the body is too dark, no forms are distinguishable, i.e I can tell the face is round, but the body looks flat.
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    I really like this image, but it is a bit short on information about the character. I did a paint-over to show how you can fill in the space to help illustrate the character's personality. Since I don't know much about her, I had to make it up as I went along. I looked at it like a trading card, where everything is very centered around the personality of the character. In this case, it was whimsical with a bit of grittiness.
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    Even though it's stylized there are still obvious anatomical errors. To name a few:
    - the rightmost eye looks like the leftmost eye, flipped. The eye would not look like that from that angle.
    - the nose lacks definitition, like you don't really know what to do with it.
    - the mouth OTOH is superdefined with a really hard edge, and looks really out of place. Does not look like it's supported by any facial muscle.
    - the neck is too wide and long.
    Etc etc.

    Solution: Study from life, draw portraits in the mirror, study Bridgman and Loomis, improve, profit.
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    The only thing that needs some attention in my eyes is the mouth. That looks flat. The rest works quite well in this stylized manner I think. I like the fluid lines. Good shape design.
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