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    Those attachments doesn't work but if you wanna work on centaur piece I would suggest you to work on horses anatomy bones and muscles, as for shading goes you need to go way way darker for shadows and don't forget to study from life, simple still life with pencil using one light is great practice for light you have probably seen these. and

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    As awkward as it is to say, looking at your last few drawings you might need some references for drawing boobs. They are looking a bit rock hard.

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    True... and I didn't really get to experience a large chuck of it, because I got my first computer in like 2007 :,)

    Well it's good to take your time and really think while you work, instead of brain-deadly pumping out sketches. I do that sometimes, more often than not, actually, and I do not learn much from it. I learn much better from a slow and thought-through sketch...
    And hell yeah, a niche is a good place to be, if you fill it with love and care haha
    lol I should, and you should coreograph the shit out of the things you want to do If you have the time for it... and either way it counts to dance alone in your room right...? :^)
    Yeah if anybody had to be perfect to get work, nobody would have work... but there is always a project fitting a certain artist and there's one for you, too.
    Ohh that's really interesting stuff, I like reading and hearing about topics like that now and then because it might be quite the big topic, but it's not too... far away from reality and common understanding... like chemistry. It's really not applicable in everyday life. So studies that give you the opportunity to sort of make more sense of the world around you and the texts you read- pretty cool stuff.
    and I study chemistry, finished my B.Sc. 2 years ago...
    Still working on figuring out krita? I can try to help as much as I can lolbut I'm no master myself. But I did use it for a few years irregularily
    Exactly I love the diversity P: And same-face syndrome is so easy to fall into... the convenience lol, but I am trying not to be too horrible when it comes to that. I'm one of those artists who make characters look slightly like themselves by accident. Long face and nose, small hands... oops
    Yeah I'll definteily keep using krita but first I need a graphic tablet.. I wanted to buy one last week btu forgot, and so it gets postponed more and more lol but I will eventually get one I swear :,DD
    Portrait painter But the rest of the painting can be a ton of fun, even if it feels odd at first to tackle it. I'm also only starting to do backgrounds more...
    Ahhh, a huion, gonna check dat out, I've been considering that brand, too.

    Your attatchments in the 2nd post dont work D:

    Hmm when you draw arms they often look like sticks, the same diameter all around and tube shaped, when in fact limbs are irregular forms.
    Really cool shading n the pencil drawings!

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