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    Can I use my translated name?

    Hi, fellow artists,

    I was thinking, is it OK to work/live on internet under my translated name? My name in English is John, i was born in Belarus and was given name Ян [read as Yan / Jan / Ian?]. Can I promote myself and do all the fancy paperwork stuff like John, or do I need to phonetically translate it? Can some legal issues appear? Or nobody cares?

    Anybody can relate? What do you think? Thanks in advance!
    Have a nice day, y'all.

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    Interesting thread. My real name is in cyrillic too and I transliterate it as it is supposed to be written in latin. I'm not using the equivalent name or translated one in English or what ever you language prefer. So I believe, if you want to avoid misunderstandings or someone else to claim that he is John and he own your works, besides everything, you should prove that your name is John. I think, it is better to use Yan. Yan is a good name.

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    In the UK you can call yourself anything to trade by but it's normally in the form of kjsdhfk trading as John. You can even set up a business bank account with known name, but your real name will appear somewhere. You can still get paid by your known name if you set it up correctly.

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