Hello CA, at the end of this year my mother and I will emigrate from Spain to the UK. She insists on going to London because she thinks that big cities have more oportunities, but in this case London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. And I would like to compare other cities to London and show that to her to see if it would be a good idea to start there, or just start in a cheaper one and move later to London.

So I'm asking, which other cities in the UK (Or wales, Scotland is a bit far for us but wouldn't mind to compare Edinburgh to the other options) could be good for us to move in and for me to find a job in the games, film or books industry? I'm more fantasy orientated, and could be an illustrator or concept artist.

I thought about being a freelancer and moving to a small and cheap city, but I would prefer a fixed-place position. We need a medium to big city with some tourism since my mother's work is mainly in hotels and restaurants. Since I'm still finishing my studies and portfolio, I don't have much freelance experience at all and it scares me a lot (plus moving to a new different country, I wouldn't like to mix both).

I've been looking at blogs and forums of people living there but no one is making a career in art, so I don't know where could be more industry for me.

Or does London's oportunities really compensate the excessive living cost? Could we "survive" with a cleaner salary enough time for me to find a job?