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Thread: Digital 3D images

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    Digital 3D images

    I put these images in the Finally Finished category, and they told be to post them here for Crit. So below are a few of my Digital images from the last year.

    Artist Statement
    Storytelling has been around for a long time: to aid in explaining the unexplained, to document, and to entertain. Everything has a story associated with it, from the simplest of atoms to the most complex organism. Whether each part of a story is factually known, unknown, or fabricated, every molecule, object, and person has a story.

    These images are part of a larger body of work which present glimpses into a story about four worlds. The composition of each world is based on one of the basic Greek elements (earth, water, air, fire). As within the stories of our own lives, the occupants of the "Elemental Worlds" are affected by the personal and political agendas of others. Sometimes these agendas coincide, but when these agendas conflict, opposing sides square off against each other; most of the time, only one side is victorious. History is made and recorded. Time moves on... evolves. If "history is written by the victor," are we always getting only one side of the story?

    Hunger and Rebirth
    31 in x 30 in

    Image text (left to right):
    The time has come for renewal and rebirth. We must move to the safer summit.

    My rage and my hunger ignite! I must consume so that I will be great!

    The pressure must be eased, the stress lessen, the burden lighten.

    The Growth of Society
    31 in x 30 in

    Image text (left to right):

    To protect those who have shown us kindness, we are willing to sacrifice ourselves.

    With our growth, we shelter those who have nurtured us.

    We work together to build, to grow that which produces our future.

    The Resurrection
    Size: 31 in x 20 in

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