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    Doing things other than art and art, is it possible?

    Is it possible to do things other than art and art in my life also?
    Others say that I need to devote over 9000% of my time working just on art and to at no exception stop doing art for any other hobbies, interests or for finding time to eat, sleep or love.
    I feel that it is wrong everytime I go for a bushwalk, read a book, talk to people, browse the net, go on a date, socialise, play games or go to the gym.

    Sorry, eru; I'm just taking the piss.

    The key to life in "balance".

    Live life to how you see best fit and whatever makes you happy.
    If you enjoy playing games, play games.
    If you enjoy working out at the gym, workout at the gym.

    Find whatever time you have spare to dedicate to art - or any other interests/hobbies/ambitions you have.

    Be sure to experience other things in life other than art though, you'll find that not only will you (maybe) be happier, but will also gain a lot more life experience, possibly a larger social circle along with heaps of memories which you can draw upon for your art.

    Until you can earn a living from art, or you're unemployed you're not going to be able to be able to dedicate an enormous amount of time to art.
    Find what fits into your lifestyle and run with it.

    Remember, balance is key.

    All the best with your future endeavours, fellow CA members.

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    I think that this discussion is subject to the individuals circumstance. The individual who relies on his art to pay his mortgage has to maintain a certain level of skill/output, therefore they will need to find the time to do so. This would also apply to the student, and the graduate looking for his first job. If however, art is something more of a hobby i.e. you enjoy doing the odd watercolour on the weekend, then I believe you can step in and out of practice at will, and there would be no need to spend hours focusing on your technique.

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    Balance is for mediocre pussies. Take care of your needs by all means but find a passion and go 100% into it. Once you achieve your goal you can have everything else. Trying to do everything at the same time creates mediocrity.

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    It's not so much balance as composition.

    Balance implies a 50/50 balance on a see saw and stable equilibrium. Mediocrity, lack of motion and change. A false compromise in essence to practice everything in moderation to attain some bodhisattva like 'serenity' where in the end nothing of actual great worth or effort gets done. If this is the composition you want personally, go for it.

    However, if you want to achieve any of your passions that require a lot of effort, you're going to have to composite arrange your life with many things given up as opportunity costs in order to achieve it.
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    lol this is weird I found this like it was dedicated to me, rather not just reply in an already made thread I stumble upon this randomly. Thanks for sharing Tragedy. I think I learn't from reading these threads now.

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