dbw - color and light 1.1

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Thread: dbw - color and light 1.1

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    dbw - color and light 1.1

    Name:  LIGHT - selfie.jpg
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    Why so serious?

    No really. I don’t know why I look so serious. I guess it’s the concentration. Maybe consternation is a better word… Constipation? Anyways…

    This took me 3 hours and relative to my other works, this was great success! Thank you for the lesson. I learned a lot. Here it is:

    Mass Light: This is the big picture. It’s hard to keep it in view because I always want to digress into the other types of light. Blurring my eyes helped me stay focused on this light.

    Half Tone: On my next attempt I’m going to pick my half tone and fill it in broadly after I get the mass light in. I ended up fumbling around on the half tone while mixing it on the canvas. Half tone is where the plane is not as perpendicular to the light as where the mass light planes are.

    Highlights: I found highlights on my nose and forehead and eyeyballs. These were planes that curved and then one point directly reflected the light source. That and my face is greasy!

    Mass Shadow: This is yang to the mass light’s ying… I found that the mass shadow is not as dark as I first thought it was. I blurred my eyes to try and get the major shapes in.

    Reflect Light: There is some reflected light on my cheek, eye socket and nose bridge. I learned that it is very subtle yet more than you’d expect…

    Core Shadow: The core shadows (nose hook, left year, nostrils) gave definition. I felt the core shadow could almost be used like a drawn line in the way it adds definition.

    Cast Shadow: My nose and chin shadows were the obvious ones. There were more difficult ones around my mouth. With these more difficult ones I had trouble deciding if it was just a half tone or a cast shadow.

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    Nice work. Defiled Visions pointed out to me that I should soften my edges in gradual change of planes, like the forehead, and I felt it really helped strengthen my piece. Your "chunky" shading on your forehead sticks out to me and draws my attention a bit too much. If you softened that up maybe?

    Also, this may be the way you look, but it seems like your jaw is almost too skinny and tapered compared to the rest of your head... At least on the Mass light side. The shadow side of your jaw is not so sharply tapered, I feel like the lighter side of your jaw maybe could use a little more volume?

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    It seems you could have a bit more half tone usage between your mass shadow and the areas of mass light. Nice marks are happening in the hair and your left eye area is modeled pretty well too. I think you would do well to spend another hour on it, just to work out some of the values more accurately. I look forward to any updates.

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