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    Tendonitis, strain in forearm from drawing with shoulder?

    Hi! I've been having this problem for a few weeks now and want to see if anyone can give me some help or if anyone has dealt with a similar situation.
    I've been drawing for a bout 2-3 years or so and when i started drew pretty small and mainly with gestures with my wrist/hand but about two months ago i started drawing on a much bigger format and drew primarily using my shoulder and elbows. well 3 weeks ago one night out of the blue my forearm just went dead, got really heavy while i was drawing, i ignored it at first but the problem still persisted the next day and still does currently. I usually draw about 2-3 hours a day which i feel isn't alot but before this problem happened i could go an hour without any feeling or need to stop or rest but now i can maybe do 30 min without my forearm feeling really heavy and strained. Theres no real pain or ache just a constant nagging feeling like i just lifted a bunch of weights. I read up a little on repetitive strain injuries and tendonitis and was surprised to see that not many artists had this problem in their forearm area, mostly just the hand and the wrist. the only people that seemed to experience strain in the arm was weight lifters and tennis players? i feel like if this is as bad as it's going to get i don't really mind having this injury persist as it's not too much of a hassle. But theres just that small timebomb fear of this getting horrid and me losing the ability to draw alltogether. So i wanted to know if any other artists had this problem in that area and could share some insight on either how they got through it or bad it is really if they're still experiencing problems today.
    ( I understand that no one here is a doctor and that seeing one would probably give better insight on this problem but the whole rsi and tendonitis field seems to be a little bit of a grey area? and I'm really curious as to how other artists who have gone through this have dealt with it)
    I apologize for the long sob story thank you so much for your time : )

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