From an old school friend of mine who is a TV producer (worked on Never Mind the Buzzcocks etc) when I asked about in reply to a query she had 'Does Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol technology include any form of geoblocking, or is this something that is separate? Have someone trying to blind me with techo speak and I just need to understand, in simple terms, what I'm dealing with...' My question hit a raw nerve unsurprisingly.

It should Jules, in the same way that non-US ISP should be blocked. I hate these sites, especially this week, as one project I was supposed to working on this year folded due to this kind of piracy (both the US broadcaster and the distributor pulled out because they weren't getting the ratings on the previous series because people were watching the UK broadcasts via one of these sites rather than waiting a couple of weeks for the US broadcasts and if you don't get the ratings you don't get the ad revenue and this reduces your profits - this also impacted on other sales) as this was a high cost series, the UK investment just wasn't so we just didn't have enough money to make the series, 6 jobs were lost this week, and another 30 cast/crew who were pencilled into work on the series will have to find other employment. Oh yes and I probably won't get paid for the work I've done, but as long as someone can watch the programme immediately after the UK broadcast what does that matter?

You have to consider that streaming early, may just kill that show you loved off. Please share.