CHOW #344 :: Cyberpunk Parkour Runner :: FINALS

Character of the Week #344
Cyberpunk Parkour Runner

Deadline - Sunday, January 26th 10PM GMT

In a futuristic city, the government has strict tabs on the citizens. Resources are controlled and people are limited on obtaining
goods. There is an underground organization that can be hired, who specializes in obtaining goods for the right cause/price. Their methods of transportation is parkour, so they know the city like the back of their hands, and it allows the members to be well organized, quick, efficient and never leave a trail. This time, the group is hired to deliver a very special package. The package must NOT be damaged or lost, otherwise there will be no payment.

Your job is to design the member who is given the task of delivering this "package" to it's destination.

The Guidelines:
  • Can be male or female
  • Race is Human..
  • Must include the "package". It must not be larger than the runner, nor hinder their movement.
  • Include one special piece of equipment that this runner never leaves without. It must have a yellow smiley face sticker on it.
  • Genre is Cyberpunk, so get some good references.
  • Cyborgs are acceptable, think ghost in the shell. Do NOT design a robot. Cyborgs/androids are different from robots!

The Rules
  • Finals must be posted in the finals thread before the deadline
  • Final post must include the CHoW number and the artists username at the bottom of the image
  • At least 3/4 of the character must be visible
  • Sketches or rushed artwork will not be accepted into the poll
  • No photograph paint overs, must be 100% original work
  • At least two wips posted with your final in the finals thread
  • NO ENVIRONMENT BACKGROUNDS! You may use simple shapes,gradients or silhouettes
  • Have fun!