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    How does making art rank in your category of life goals?

    So, we're all going to die on some distant day. What do you wish to achieve before that day? Artistically and otherwise.

    Sometimes I think what's the point of making art, improving myself and getting fame and glory if I'm going to die eventually anyway. When I'm dead, all those skills I honed will be gone. Poof.

    All that will be left behind is a trail of drawings. Once upon a time I thought I didn't need anything else other than to be a good artist. So that one day I could draw anything I could dream up. I pretty much neglected everything but school and art. Would you sacrifice everything for art? And why? I can't remember anymore. I guess I thought I would be happy as long as I got to draw cool pictures, which is pretty much true, but drawing well isn't the only skill you need to succeed as an artist... I have terrible social skills as a result of years of isolation and that has negatively affected my teamwork.

    I have made so many decisions I regret during that time in my life. It almost seems like when I decided to neglect everything else about my life, I set my future in stone. Like now I can't change my mind anymore. Everything else is in ruins, so I feel like I should just invest some more into good art skills, that's all I have anyway... My health has suffered, my looks have suffered, my social skills have suffered... My art skills are by no means perfect, either. So do I keep throwing my life away for being able to make good art and nothing more? Could I succeed with good drawing skills and nothing more? That's something I have to think about.

    I came here, actually, looking for a thread where life-time goals are discussed. So that's the point of this thread. What are some important things you wish to achieve during your life other than good art skills? And also what are your reasons for wanting to improve your drawings skills? The feeling of making great art, making money with art, recognition, etc... And how seriously do you take your pursuit? Greater than life, just a hobby, something in between... And do you think art can make up for deficiencies in other parts of your life? But yeah, basically how does art rank among your goals, and what are some of your other goals if you wish to share.

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    I'm not sure I have many "life goals" at this point. I'd like to make a decent living off my art. I'd like to enjoy a long and healthy life with my husband. I would probably like to teach art courses someday. I guess I'd like to make something to show that my time on this planet wasn't a total waste, but at that point I will be dead so I won't care.

    I don't think I've ever thought I'd have to sacrifice "everything" for art. Probably because I have always been a writer-artist and a writer who does nothing but sit at home writing is a writer of boring stories about writers. It is understood that when you are not working you will be out there "gathering material". Which is to say, reading trashy novels and doing weird shit you can write about later. I think one does the exact same thing with art except we call it "building a visual library" and "taking reference photos". So I try to have a regular work week, and then I make time to do other things. I go cycling, I go to a sketch group, I go on trips when I can, I socialize online and off, and I use my other interests to feed my artwork.

    There are things that I would still like to do in life but if I don't accomplish some of them it's not a big deal. Something interesting usually comes up. I don't feel like my future is set in stone in any way. 10 years ago I was working in computing and taking philosophy courses. This year I'm going to be submitting my artwork to galleries and book publishers. In another 10 years I might be breeding fruit trees. Life is a weird adventure.

    Anyway. You're from Finland, and it's January. Nearly everybody in the north is depressed right now and feels like NOTHING WILL EVER BE RIGHT AGAIN. Spend your entire summer drawing outdoors. Come back next October with new work referenced from life. I bet you will feel a little differently about art and the world.
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    My health has suffered, my looks have suffered, my social skills have suffered... My art skills are by no means perfect, either. So do I keep throwing my life away for being able to make good art and nothing more? Could I succeed with good drawing skills and nothing more? That's something I have to think about.
    Why would you think anything is ruined, or that it is too late? It is never too late to take care of your health, looks and social skills.

    As for me, making art is a lifelong goal and as a fulltime illustrator I draw about 5-10 hours daily, that's normal routine for me.
    But I need something for balance, I cannot function without a minimum of social interaction and healthy lifestyle. For a social life, you don't need to be a great charmer or go to bars, the important thing is to focus on quality, not quantity. I have just a small handful of close friends and a partner, all more or less addicted to drawing too, whose support does a lot for me.

    In some other thread it was mentioned that it's life that "inspires" art. You draw energy and ideas from life and interaction with the world. Art is not created in a vacuum.
    You cannot throw your life away in order to create good art. You need your life.

    If you have the opportunity to attend art school, it is a great way to socialize and meet people with similar interests and goals.

    And as for healthy lifestyle, it's just that my work will suffer if I don't look after myself. I always eat 3 meals a day, two of them with vegetables. That's pretty much about it.

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