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Thread: Best Ways to Improve? Advice please!

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    Best Ways to Improve? Advice please!

    Hello everyone. My name is Raven. Every since I was little I have wanted to be an artist. I can't see doing anything other than art. I currently work now and try and practice on the the side but I'm stuck. I spent a couple years not drawing at all because I hit this awful wall of sadness where I saw everyone around me improving in art and I was stuck. I'm now attending a community college and I'm going through their Visual Arts: Fine Arts associate degree program. There is a girl in my advanced drawing class who draws amazingly well! She studied sculpture in China. I desire greatly to be able to draw and paint the things I see in my mind. I don't know where to start practice wise though. Community college art classes are very much like my high school art classes were. Does anyone have any advice on how to improve? Art is a competitive career, and I have competitive drive (all honors all my life, and part of the high honors society, I love to compete with others). I just feel that I'm throwing myself against this big giant wall of inability. Can anyone steer me in the right direction please?
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    Work from life every chance you get. Its good to read about art theories but all theories started with observation. So observe in real life and try and think of ways to draw and paint what you see around you. It takes a lot of practice and failure to become good at art. Keep a sketchbook with you at all times and draw everything you see.
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    draw, draw, draw. keep focused and be diligent. Nothing beats lots of practice! and yes, drawing from life is definitely superior.
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