Hello, I'm new here! I'm currently at college doing a games design course. There was a project called Nightmare island, we had to create the art, storyline and then pitch our idea to an audience. I wanted to draw down my ideas so I could show people what the end result could look like. After multiple attempts at drawing different people I gave up and went on the internet to find tutorials. I then discovered this place and realised I had to start from the very beginning. It still took me about a month before I started practising due to work I had to catch up on. So I started on the 1st of last month.

I'm still not entirely sure on what i should be focussing on but I've been drawing a lot of anatomy and learning about the different muscles. I've signed up for a night time life drawing course. It says I don’t need any formal qualifications or experience for this course, but basic drawing skills will help. If someone could give me some information on what these life drawing courses are like it would be appreciated. I'd like to go in understanding the fundamentals so i can make the most out of this course. Its costing me £150, I decided to choose this course because I figured it would help towards getting into my course next year. I should also mention iv got 49 days until it starts.

I'll show you some of the drawings I like the most, I'm not too happy with any of them after seeing some of the artwork in this forum lol. They look even worse when they are uploaded, couldn't get the scanner to work so I've had to take a picture of the ones I like.

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Excuse the rude gesture lol This was one of the poses from posemaniacs.
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I actually drew this a few hours ago. I was drawing a lot of noses tonight and came across a nice photo that i figured I'd try draw. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=i&rc...89733928749005
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I got a book called Hamm - Drawing The Head And Figure. Definetely not proud of these lol.
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Found an interesting tutorial somewhere online. I figured I'd write it down so I could look back at it. I've done quite a few of these in my sketchbook so far.
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I've been drawing a lot of rooms I see or visit. I'm planning on taking a trip into a city nearby and drawing anything on the way that looks interesting.

I guess I'm really posting this as a way to keep me motivated and to ask what I'd need to work on for this course I'm taking.