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Thread: Wanted: Mentor

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    Wanted: Mentor

    if anybody is interested in being my mentor for art it would be appreciated. What i consider a mentor in this type of thing is sombody who has a really good grasp on art (comic, real, cartoon, etc.) sombody who knows what their doing... Sombody who i can show daily drawing to and to crit them, sombody who can give me ideas or guide me in a direction. i dont want sombody who is blunt about crits, its ok to tell me what i did wrong but i dont want anybody to say like "you f*** suck".. also sombody who is good at explaining stuff out and is comprehensible... and also the person needs to have aim so i can talk to them on a regular basis..

    the reasoning for this is because i have come to the conclusion that art is my only way out.. im not great in school, and the only thing i excceed in is art which im not even that good but i could be i think, if im pointed in the right direction.. also i really want this and am willing to work as hard as i can for it.. i just cant grasp certain things.

    thanks you to who ever reads this even if they arent interested..


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    I'm sure you can do just as well without a mentor.

    Like countless others have said on the boards before, just DRAW! (and have fun)
    Draw from life, long 3 hour drawings or short 2 minute sketches.

    also, post your work on the forums and you can get feedback from all the members here. You dont need a mentor for that. heck, its like having more than one mentor!

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    Let everyone here help you out.... we're all pretty friendly. If you're starting out and really wanna get serious I suggest checking out "The Middle Class" section of this forum:

    Its better to have a crapload of people pointing out things to you and giving you their views and how to go about things then being stuck with just one teacher that'll teach only their way.

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