Leaping Adepta Sororitas - Sketch

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    Leaping Adepta Sororitas - Sketch

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    So this is it. I decided to finish a sketch, and present it completely done. Now, I need to know where I failed to watch for it in future works. Again, all critiques and advice are appreciated.

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    Firstly, scrolling round a big pic isn't ideal. Got any image editing software?

    Perspective is off in places - grenades, bolter & magazine, sleeve (should it billow out like that if she's holding her arm in tight and her shoulder pad's tight against that?), chainsword and backpack. (lack of perspective! Dead on sideways doesn't look great.) Also, if we saw her from the other side, would she be doing a boobs and butt pose? Is it really possible in sororitas-issue power armour? How would her left arm interact with the other side of the backpack?
    In short, the Conceptart standby: fundamentals and practise.

    Specific 40K stuff: that's a weird-looking flame coming out of the backpack, and shouldn't be there anyway. It's an exhaust for the armour's backpack power source, not a rocket. Although I'm not sure you're aware it's powered armour...

    ...which is only my opinion.
    Sketchbook Deviations
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    I know only the visuals of W40K-I thought they were some sort of rocket-assited jumping device similar to the Jump Pack. Basically, I was trying to portray her gaining momentum before she swings her sword while in mid air. Like jumping ("justifying" the flames.) I guess you are right; unintentionally, I made the boobs and butt pose. I just did not noticed because of the angle. The reason I made her left arm like that is because I thought of the arm stretching backwards for the momentum. And, and about the power armour "flexibility", I'm taking my chances with "artistic licenses".

    Well, at least, now Chaos backpacks makes more sense.

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    And I still need to know if there are issues in the technical part. I know the pose is actually an impossible one, and there are perspective problems with items. And is that all?

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