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    Sheridan vs Scad vs Ringling Culture

    OK to start of I would like to say I am completely have my heart devoted to going to Sheridan. I have heard stories about how hard it is but still want to go, working to me is not a problem especially if I'm paying for it.

    However, I was wondering from students who already go their to these colleges what the culture is like in Sheridan, Scad and Ringling? What can you do when your not focusing on class once your done with your work? Are there any good parties, are there any good looking girls that attend, are art girls into experimentation?

    Also what schools have a internship and even progression from 2d to 3d Animation?

    Also I have ruled out CalArts because it is across the country (I'm from NJ) and I can never finish a sketchbook ( i always buy a new one and skip pages)

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    I don't attend the schools you listed, but I did go to the Art Institute and they did the whole "progression from 2D to 3D." At the end of the day I really feel it will come down to both the teachers you get (whichever school) and more importantly your own drive. Put forth your all and you can find great success in almost any art school, and conversely not have your whole heart in it and no amazing teachers/school/program will ever get you to where you want to end up. So whatever you decide, give it your all!

    Good luck. Enjoy every moment.

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    I go to Ringling, it's a very good school for 3D animation.. haha, there are a lot of good looking girls, not that you will have much time to be chasing after them. (I did find my boyfriend here, so I guess it's definitely possible ) There are also parties and night-life blah blah, but really for how much you're paying, you need to be focusing on your work first and foremost. Ringling is expensive, low acceptance and even harder to stay in once you get here. There are internships.. lots, but they are also competitive with your classmates, and even more competitive if you are international. You do a year of traditional animation and 3 years of Computer Animation... there is a good transition, and Ringling is probably the best school for 3D animation in the U.S... but they keep their standards high because it is also a difficult program. I'd say choose Ringling if you really want to be in the 3D game/film industry.

    Best of luck!

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