I'm working on a project to raise awareness of artists eligible for the Hugo Awards, which recognise excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy, including excellence in illustration.

The Hugos recognise two artist categories - "Best Professional Artist" (based on SFF-themed art published by a "professional publication" - ie. one where at least one individual derives at least 1/4 of their income from the publication) and "Best Fan Artist" (based on any SFF-themed art published or displayed in the relevant year personally by the artist, or by a publication that does not meet the "professional publication" criteria.

In order to increase awareness of eligible artists in the Hugo nominating and voting commuity, I have created a tumblr to identify at least some of the eligible artists when the nomination rounds start in early 2014.

Eligibility is related only to work published in 2013 (rather than your entire portfolio), and one of the purposes of the tumblr is to feature the specific pieces of art for easy viewing by nominators. Only art that has been expressly identified by the artist as eligible under the rules of the Hugos will be featured, but naturally will not be included without the artist's permission. [Alternatively, links to the works as displayed on your portfolio can be included on the tumblr, or simply a link to your site.]

There are no costs or on-selling in relation to this project – it is strictly an awareness campaign. If you wish me to add your name to the lists of eligible artists and/or feature any eligible art work, please feel free to email me at hugoeligibleart@gmail.com, or if you wish, create a post on the site yourself.

To make it easier to work out whether art/an artist is eligible for a particular category, I have set out the known rules and contacted the Hugo Committee for further information about questions that may arise (they're still working on their answers, but I'm getting the word out now in the hopes of raising Hugo voter awareness before the nominations close). There is also a FAQ to check out in relation to submissions to the tumblr.

Feel free to the spread the word so that the Hugo community can be introduced to as many eligible artists as possible!

Andrea Hosth
Hugo Eligible Art Tumblr.

Note: this is a fan-run project, and is not officially affiliated with the Hugo Awards.