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    Sketchbook Vorgus


    It's about time I started one of these. I'm constantly in awe at the quality, quantity, and improvement I see in other sketchbooks. I want to be part of that!

    This sketchbook will chronicle my development (and hopefully my improvement!) so please feel free to critique anything! Feedback is greatly appreciated! I try to draw almost everyday (but sometimes life happens) and I will try to update this sketchbook at least once a week. Thanks for stopping by!

    Name:  CACover.jpg
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    Alright, lets get this started. Right now I've been focusing on improving my human anatomy and learning to draw it from imagination. I like to warm up with some 30 second and 60 second gestures via Posemaniacs.

    Name:  Gestures_2013-12-26-02.jpg
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    Name:  Gestures_2013-12-27-02.jpg
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    I'm making my way through Andrew Loomis's Figure Drawing for All it's Worth and supplementing it with Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists by Joseph Sheppard. There's a mix of drawings from reference and from imagination here.

    Name:  Mannicans_2013-10-07_01.jpg
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    Name:  MannicansMuscles_2013-11-15.jpg
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    Name:  Anatomy_2013-12-08-01.jpg
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    Name:  Doodles_2013-12-23-01.jpg
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    Name:  2013-12-01-Arms.jpg
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    I also started reading Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling to give myself a refresher and rebuild my foundations.

    Name:  Perspective_2013-11-23_01.jpg
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    Name:  Perspective_2013-11-24_01.jpg
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    Name:  Perspective_2013-12-08_01.jpg
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    Name:  Perspective_2013-12-27_01.jpg
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    Name:  Perspective_2013-12-15_01.jpg
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    Here's some drawings from life.

    Name:  StillLife_2013-09-22_01.jpg
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    Name:  StillLife_2013-12-08_01.jpg
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    Hopefully that gives an idea of where I am at the moment. My plan is to continue working through the Figure Drawing book and continue studying hands, heads, legs, etc. and keep trying to draw them from imagination. I should be getting my own scanner soon so I'll be able scan in some traditional stuff as well

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    Alrighty, here comes my weekly dump! Mostly gestures, but I got a start on one of my problem areas... hands.

    Gestures - I've set myself a goal of 10,000 gestures and I'm already well into it and have already seen a big improvement over the gestures I was doing in the beginning (I won't post them here because yuck!) I also find something really relaxing about drawing them. Anywho, here's this weeks gestures.

    Name:  2013-12-29-01-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-05-01-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-05-02-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-04-01-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-02-02.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-02-01.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-01-02-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-01-01-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2013-12-31-01-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2013-12-30-02-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2013-12-30-01-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2013-12-29-02-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-04-02-Gestures.jpg
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    Still Life - I managed to find some time to draw a couple of the toys on my desk I don't want to jump into color yet because I know it'll just make things that much more complicated. Also, full disclosure, I am partially color-blind - sometimes makes for some interesting color choices... so I'm going to hold off on color for a little bit. Any other artists out there dealing with color-blindness?

    Name:  2013-12-28_01-StillLife-Step1.jpg
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    Name:  2013-12-28_01-StillLife-Step2.jpg
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    Perspective - Just refreshing the basics and doing the exercises in Ernest Norling's book.

    Name:  Perspective_2014-01-02_01.jpg
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    Name:  Perspective_2014-01-05_01.jpg
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    Hands - I've dreaded drawing hands for as long as I can remember. I also realized the other day that the things I dread drawing are the things I've never drawn well and haven't practiced. So I say "Enough dreading hands! Let's practice them into submission!" So here I go. 99% of the following is from photo reference or out of "Drawing Heads and Hands" by Andrew Loomis - not really anything from imagination yet, but I'll get there

    Name:  2014-01-05-HandsScan_01.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-05-HandsScan_02.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-05-HandsScan_03.jpg
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    Name:  2013-12-29-01_Anatomy.jpg
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    Name:  1-2013-12-30-Hands.jpg
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    Name:  1-2014-01-05-Hands_01.jpg
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    Oh wow, that's a lot of studies, keep them coming! They looks mostly good Think I might want to come back to doing poses myself some time^^

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    Thanks Nysta! Definitely got more on the way

    Here's another weekly dump. Didn't get as much done as I wanted to - oh well! Just gotta keep trucking along.

    Here are the gestures - every now and then I see a glimmer of progress. Just keep drawing, just keep drawing.

    Name:  2014-01-06-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-12-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-12-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-11-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-11-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-10-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-10-01-Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-08-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-08-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-07-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-07-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Hands! Still going with hands. I know I need to do a lot more to really sink it into my head. So many little details go into the hand and it's just so darn flexible.

    Name:  2014-01-08-01_Hands.jpg
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    Here's a still life from my computer desk. Just more of the little knick-knacks strewn across it's surface. Except the meaty noodle thing, that's just, umm, that's just a meaty noodle. I wanted to practice drawing some ridges like the ones on the dinosaur's skin. I was kind of having a difficult time with them.

    Name:  2014-01-11-01_StillLife.jpg
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    More perspective stuff. Starting to incorporate figures into the scenes. People standing around a house and more people standing around some sort of something.

    Name:  2014-01-07-01_Perspective.jpg
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    And finally just some doodles from the old noodle. I need to start doing more stuff from my imagination. Start putting the things I'm using to use and having a little more fun. Sometimes it feels like all I do is studies of things. So here's a start!

    Name:  2014-01-12-01_Doodles.jpg
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    Well another week went by with another set of hiccups but I did as much as I could. More gestures, hands, a still life, and a couple of doodles. Planned to do so much more, but you know the saying about the best laid plans?

    Name:  2014-01-13-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-19-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-19-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-18-02_Gesture.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-18-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-16-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-16-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-14-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-14-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-13-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Here are the hands! Also found some helpful hand diagrams and information by Joumana Medlej which I think really helped. It's starting to sink in Hands don't seem as frustrating and intimidating as they did prior to a couple of weeks ago.

    Name:  2014-01-19-01_Anatomy-Hands.jpg
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Size:  290.3 KB

    Name:  2014-01-11-01_Hands.jpg
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Size:  374.3 KB

    It's a Gun Drone! Only spent about an hour on it. It's kind of rough looking - oh well, I'll have to work on that. The detailed line work gets tedious and I got bored and it's pretty small and hard to see (blah blah excuses excuses).

    Name:  2014-01-19-01_StillLife.jpg
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Size:  85.9 KB

    Lastly some doodles. Reading the Necronomicon by H.P. Lovecraft popped this image of a small weird humanoid creature into my head so I tried to draw it. Also a couple of hands and arms from imagination. Need to do more of that!

    Name:  2014-01-13-01_Doodles.jpg
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    Had a fairly productive week! Making up for last week I suspect. Got a couple of exercises and things reviewed I wanted to, but I also found some new areas to work on eep!

    Gestures! As per the usual, getting closer and closer to my quota. Had a couple really bleh days, but a couple days where I felt I had some really strong gestures! So that's good. Yes.

    Name:  2014-01-20-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-26-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-26-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-26-03_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-25-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-25-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-20-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-21-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-21-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-22-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-22-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-23-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-23-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-24-01_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  247.7 KB

    Practicing some Loomis Mannicans again. Every so often I start double guessing myself ("is that how it looks? How long was that again?") so I felt I needed to practice it a lil more. Also trying to draw some hands from imagination grasping and grabbing things... oh boy does that need work.

    Name:  2014-01-20-01_Doodles.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-25-01_DrawnHands.jpg
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Size:  397.9 KB

    Perspective stuffs again. Slowly making my way through Norling's book. Also trying to draw figures from the imagination in perspective. I feel like I can place them alright, but I definitely need to work on the point of view from above or below the figure. Also everyone's just kind of stiffly placed in there sooo... gotta get to the point where I can place them in perspective... IN ACTION! Baby steps.

    Name:  2014-01-22-01_Perspective.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-11-01_Anatomy.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-26-01_Anatomy.jpg
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    Finally, another still life of this keychain skull thing I have. Spent just over an hour on it. It's alright I guess but I need to figure out a comfortable way to paint this stuff. I feel like I'm struggling to get the lights and darks down and in the right place, maybe I'll try a different brush next time... or something, something different.

    Name:  2014-01-25-01_StillLife.jpg
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    I don't remember where I heard this but I remember hearing about a conversation between a master and their student. The master says to their student, "I've probably made more bad drawings than you've made drawings." I like reminding myself of this because while we often see the amazing works of art, we don't often see the countless "bad drawings" the masters have made to get where they were... le sigh! I like to think as long as I'm learning something the bad drawings are all worth it.

    Anywho, enough chit chat, here's this weeks gestures! Few more weeks and I'll meet my 10,000 quota

    Name:  2014-01-27-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-02-03_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-02-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-01-03_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-01-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-01-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-29-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-29-01_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  284.2 KB

    Name:  2014-01-28-02_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  276.9 KB

    Name:  2014-01-28-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-01-27-02_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  284.0 KB

    Name:  2014-02-02-02_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  286.7 KB

    Noticed I needed to work on figures in perspective from more top-down and bottom-up views last week. So here's a start at least - about half are referenced from Loomis and half from imagination. I'll be doing more for next week - this exercise is showing me just how lacking I was.

    Name:  2014-02-01-01_PerspMannicans.jpg
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Size:  520.4 KB

    More perspective exercises via Norling. Tried to freehand most of them. Man, that was difficult! I know I could do it on paper alright, but I'll need more work to overcome the disconnect I feel drawing digitally on the tablet while looking at the screen.

    Name:  Perspective_2014-01-29_01.jpg
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Size:  264.8 KB

    Name:  Perspective_2014-01-28_01.jpg
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Size:  294.3 KB

    Finally here's a really rough concept sketch for a picture I eventually want to make (with colour!). I like turtles. It's some children having tea on the back of a turtle on the beach I think it'll be a lot of fun. It needs a lot more refining, but at least I got the idea out of my head.

    Name:  2014-01-25-01_TeaOnTheSea-01.jpg
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    Woo! Another week, another bunch of gestures and some other stuff.

    Only about another 1000 gestures to go! Two more weeks and I'll stop flooding these posts with gestures
    I think I've plateaued with my gestures, but I still think it's the best way for me to warm up. Anywho, here they are.

    Name:  2014-02-09-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-09-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-08-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-08-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-07-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-06-03_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-06-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-06-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-05-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-05-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-04-03_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-04-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-04-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-03-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-03-01_Gestures.jpg
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    I've worked on arms and I've worked on hands, but I haven't really put the two together - so here's some arms with hands on them (or is it hands with arms on them?).

    Name:  2014-02-01-01_ArmsAndHands.jpg
Views: 7898
Size:  366.7 KB

    Finally, I knocked through a few chapter's of Norling's "Perspective Made Easy." Here's the exercises. I had fun making the little old timey car thing

    Name:  2014-02-01-01_Perspective.jpg
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Size:  294.6 KB

    Name:  2014-02-06-01_Perspective.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-08-01_Perspective.jpg
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    Heyo! Here's another weekly update

    Plenty o' gestures and one more week to reach my quota, wooo!

    Name:  2014-02-15-03_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-16-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-10-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-10-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-11-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-11-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-12-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-13-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-13-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-15-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-15-02_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  388.0 KB

    Name:  2014-02-16-01_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  404.2 KB

    Here's a couple more quick exercises from Ernest Norling's book. Started refreshing my mind about shadows! Angles everywhere! Will have to do more of that so I can stop second guessing myself all the time.

    Name:  2014-02-15-01_Perspective.jpg
Views: 7847
Size:  215.8 KB

    Name:  2014-02-10-01_Perspective.jpg
Views: 7846
Size:  289.1 KB

    Another set of Arms with hands on them. One more to go and I'll move on... still want to practice grasping hands though.

    Name:  2014-02-10-01_ArmsAndHands.jpg
Views: 7858
Size:  303.6 KB

    I'm also taking part in this weeks "Character of the Week" I've never done one of these before and it's definitely challenging me - which is fun! (and sometimes frustrating, gah!) Definitely highlights all the areas I need to work on, *cough* (color) *cough* (rendering) *cough*... But I'm happy with the way it's coming along. I feel terribly inefficient painting it, but I'm just chugging along. This week the theme is an Insect Ruler - here's my style sheet, rough sketches, and some colored Work in Progress!

    Name:  CHOW#326_StyleSheet.jpg
Views: 7851
Size:  371.2 KB

    Name:  ChOW#346_Step01.jpg
Views: 7839
Size:  195.1 KB

    Name:  ChOW#346_Step02.jpg
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Size:  208.6 KB

    Name:  ChOW#346_Step04.jpg
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Size:  307.1 KB

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    Last round of gestures! Woo! Finally made it to my quota of 10,000. I'll be changing it up next week.

    Name:  2014-02-23-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7830
Size:  312.1 KB

    Name:  2014-02-17-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7829
Size:  408.8 KB

    Name:  2014-02-17-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-18-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-19-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-19-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-20-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-20-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-22-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-22-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-02-23-02_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  311.7 KB

    Didn't get a whole lot else done this week, spent most of my time working on The Character of the Week #346! Here's my entry - the Queen Phylliidae. I learned a lot, learned I need to learn more, but mostly had fun! Could have pushed it further I think, but I had spent more time on it already than I had wanted to, so, onto other things!

    Name:  ChOW#346_Entry.jpg
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    Blargh, more stuffs for the sketchbook. I should probably update this thing twice a week to avoid some of the larger content dumps. We'll see. Last week I finished the gestures I wanted to do and have moved onto gestures with some longer studies using poses from pixelovely.

    Name:  2014-02-24-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-03-02-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-03-02-01_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-03-01-03_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-03-01-02_Gestures.jpg
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    Name:  2014-03-01-01_Gestures.jpg
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Size:  168.7 KB

    Name:  2014-02-28-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7766
Size:  171.8 KB

    Name:  2014-02-28-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7765
Size:  182.0 KB

    Name:  2014-02-28-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7755
Size:  171.4 KB

    Name:  2014-02-26-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7761
Size:  169.6 KB

    Name:  2014-02-26-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7762
Size:  183.9 KB

    Name:  2014-02-25-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7752
Size:  165.6 KB

    Also nearing the end of Norling's "Perspective Made Easy." Here's a couple more sketches on reflections and shadows and straight up perspective.

    Name:  2014-02-28-01_Perspective.jpg
Views: 7760
Size:  215.6 KB

    Name:  2014-02-26-01_Perspective.jpg
Views: 7746
Size:  224.7 KB

    Lastly Here's some more hands with arms - I like to try and do at least 100 before I move onto something else

    Name:  2014-02-25-01_ArmsAndHands.jpg
Views: 7762
Size:  352.6 KB

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    This was kind of a lax week - lots of other stuff going on right now with the family. I still managed to get some gestures and studies done though. This "spring-ahead-lose-an-hour" thing is killin' me. Anywho! Here we go!

    Dun da-da dun!

    Name:  2014-03-03-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7733
Size:  177.3 KB

    Name:  2014-03-09-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7732
Size:  164.0 KB

    Name:  2014-03-09-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7724
Size:  169.6 KB

    Name:  2014-03-08-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7729
Size:  189.0 KB

    Name:  2014-03-05-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7716
Size:  160.8 KB

    Name:  2014-03-05-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7720
Size:  179.5 KB

    Name:  2014-03-05-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7721
Size:  176.0 KB

    Name:  2014-03-04-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7714
Size:  168.7 KB

    Name:  2014-03-04-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7730
Size:  177.4 KB

    Here's the last of the hands I'll be doing for a while, time to move onto legs!

    Name:  2014-02-10-01_Hands.jpg
Views: 7731
Size:  331.1 KB

    Also, I wanna start drawing more creative imaginative stuff so here's some quick doodles of peoples (and robots, can never have enough robots).

    Name:  2014-02-25-01_Doodles.jpg
Views: 7713
Size:  188.9 KB

    I've still got a long way to go. I haven't really tackled much color yet because I want to get the human body and shape and form and light etc. etc. to a decent level before throwing in that extra complication. Need to do more studies from life, and sketches, and etc. Getting there!

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    Time for another batch! YAHOO! I want to do at least 100 of these before I mix it up again. Here's 37/100

    Name:  2014-03-10-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7633
Size:  165.3 KB

    Name:  2014-03-16-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7629
Size:  169.0 KB

    Name:  2014-03-16-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7621
Size:  159.2 KB

    Name:  2014-03-16-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7640
Size:  169.5 KB

    Name:  2014-03-15-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7614
Size:  170.1 KB

    Name:  2014-03-15-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7626
Size:  166.7 KB

    Name:  2014-03-15-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7624
Size:  160.2 KB

    Name:  2014-03-13-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7615
Size:  155.2 KB

    Name:  2014-03-13-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7619
Size:  168.8 KB

    Name:  2014-03-12-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7602
Size:  162.3 KB

    Name:  2014-03-12-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7609
Size:  163.1 KB

    Name:  2014-03-11-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7598
Size:  156.8 KB

    Name:  2014-03-11-03_stures.jpg
Views: 7599
Size:  163.2 KB

    Name:  2014-03-11-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7567
Size:  170.5 KB

    Name:  2014-03-11-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7585
Size:  175.7 KB

    Name:  2014-03-10-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7582
Size:  164.4 KB

    Also got some doodles of people. I ended up looking up some people modelling different attire and tried to use those as inspiration for some of the drawings. The posing is all from imagination, but I guess most of the clothing design was "copied." I have to expand that clothing knowledge though otherwise everyone I draw will be dressed more or less the same - jeans and a t-shirt lol. I feel like the posing is more or less boring though - I'll have to work on that.

    Name:  2014-03-11-01_Doodles.jpg
Views: 7585
Size:  225.3 KB

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    Here we go! Exhausting week leads to very little variety so here's mostly just a bunch of gestures and 11 minute studies.

    Name:  2014-03-22-05_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7566
Size:  173.4 KB

    Name:  2014-03-23-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7565
Size:  180.0 KB

    Name:  2014-03-23-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7551
Size:  169.3 KB

    Name:  2014-03-23-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7562
Size:  178.7 KB

    Name:  2014-03-17-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7563
Size:  170.4 KB

    Name:  2014-03-18-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7566
Size:  165.5 KB

    Name:  2014-03-18-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7555
Size:  167.5 KB

    Name:  2014-03-18-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7555
Size:  171.7 KB

    Name:  2014-03-18-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7543
Size:  164.6 KB

    Name:  2014-03-19-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7552
Size:  175.9 KB

    Name:  2014-03-22-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7556
Size:  170.9 KB

    Name:  2014-03-22-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7541
Size:  173.1 KB

    Name:  2014-03-22-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7552
Size:  183.6 KB

    Name:  2014-03-22-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 7541
Size:  176.8 KB

    Lastly, here's sort of an exercise from Norling's book. There's another chapter on transferring architectural plans into 3d perspective, but I think I'm going to move on from it for now. Try and draw some other objects and creatures and things in perspective - try and be more creative with it. We'll see.

    Name:  2014-03-15-01_Perspective.jpg
Views: 7543
Size:  257.2 KB

    Wow I'm tired.

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    Getting closer and closer to my goal
    Here's another bunch bringing my total to 65/100. Only a few more weeks.

    Name:  2014-03-27-05_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2761
Size:  166.1 KB

    Name:  2014-03-29-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2765
Size:  172.7 KB

    Name:  2014-03-29-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2760
Size:  172.9 KB

    Name:  2014-03-30-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2760
Size:  167.8 KB

    Name:  2014-03-30-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2748
Size:  163.2 KB

    Name:  2014-03-26-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2760
Size:  166.3 KB

    Name:  2014-03-26-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2751
Size:  169.5 KB

    Name:  2014-03-26-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2757
Size:  166.9 KB

    Name:  2014-03-26-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2744
Size:  176.9 KB

    Name:  2014-03-26-05_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2747
Size:  173.1 KB

    Name:  2014-03-27-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2747
Size:  168.0 KB

    Name:  2014-03-27-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2749
Size:  176.1 KB

    Name:  2014-03-27-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2738
Size:  163.1 KB

    Name:  2014-03-27-05.jpg
Views: 2736
Size:  158.5 KB

    Also, I finally got myself around to doing some more figures in perspective... which turned in to just general figures near the end - but I'm doing it all from imagination! So, getting there. Perspective still throws me for a loop in certain poses.

    Name:  2014-02-08-01_PerspMannicans.jpg
Views: 2740
Size:  457.9 KB

    Slowly (very slowly, too slowly) working through the Loomis Figure Drawing book. Practicing more mannequins and getting down those landmarks and proportions for the female mannequin.

    Name:  2014-03-17-01_Doodles.jpg
Views: 2745
Size:  248.1 KB

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    Not a lot of variety this week, just chuggin' along with these gestures and quick studies - this makes 79/100

    I'll try and have something a little more fun and exciting for next week
    But in the mean time, here we go!

    Name:  2014-04-05-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2716
Size:  169.2 KB

    Name:  2014-04-06-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2720
Size:  160.7 KB

    Name:  2014-04-06-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2724
Size:  167.8 KB

    Name:  2014-04-06-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2724
Size:  164.4 KB

    Name:  2014-03-31-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2717
Size:  180.7 KB

    Name:  2014-04-01-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2719
Size:  164.6 KB

    Name:  2014-04-02-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2714
Size:  174.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-02-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2719
Size:  175.3 KB

    Name:  2014-04-02-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2711
Size:  163.7 KB

    Name:  2014-04-02-04_Gures.jpg
Views: 2713
Size:  174.2 KB

    Name:  2014-04-03-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2707
Size:  165.4 KB

    Name:  2014-04-05-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2717
Size:  168.3 KB

    Name:  2014-04-05-02.jpg
Views: 2709
Size:  171.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-05-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2719
Size:  177.8 KB

    Also, Here's a little comparison of the gestures I was doing approximately a year ago. I think I've gotten quicker and my line quality and overall completeness has improved - so I got that going for me which is nice. It's neat to look back and see that all the work is paying off, but there's a long way to go still

    Name:  Comparison_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2715
Size:  209.9 KB

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    Alright, nothing exciting or imaginative like I had promised myself... Decided to just power through the rest of the gesture/studies making it to my quota of 100/100

    Name:  2014-04-10-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2711
Size:  158.7 KB

    Name:  2014-04-13-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2700
Size:  161.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-12-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2703
Size:  155.9 KB

    Name:  2014-04-12-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2698
Size:  159.8 KB

    Name:  2014-04-12-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2706
Size:  192.6 KB

    Name:  2014-04-12-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2705
Size:  165.8 KB

    Name:  2014-04-10-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2702
Size:  168.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-10-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2701
Size:  172.5 KB

    Name:  2014-04-10-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2698
Size:  169.5 KB

    Name:  2014-04-13-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2694
Size:  156.9 KB

    Name:  2014-04-13-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2690
Size:  161.5 KB

    Name:  2014-04-09-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2690
Size:  163.6 KB

    Name:  2014-04-08-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2690
Size:  173.3 KB

    Name:  2014-04-08-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2693
Size:  164.6 KB

    Name:  2014-04-08-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2689
Size:  161.3 KB

    Name:  2014-04-08-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2688
Size:  162.8 KB

    Name:  2014-04-07-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2686
Size:  168.2 KB

    Name:  2014-04-07-03_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2688
Size:  160.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-07-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2681
Size:  169.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-07-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2688
Size:  165.5 KB

    Name:  2014-04-13-04_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2686
Size:  156.5 KB

    Also, I'm practicing some more mannequins comparing the male and female body. ...need to do lots more of these.

    Name:  2014-04-05-01_Anatomy.jpg
Views: 2682
Size:  325.6 KB

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    Went back to Posemaniancs to do some 15 second, 30 second, and 60 seconds gestures.

    Name:  2014-04-18-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2674
Size:  225.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-14-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2672
Size:  224.2 KB

    Name:  2014-04-15-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2675
Size:  232.7 KB

    Name:  2014-04-16-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2683
Size:  225.6 KB

    Name:  2014-04-17-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2679
Size:  232.1 KB

    Did another set of these mannequins I'll probably do one more for some extra practice.

    Name:  2014-04-13-01_Anatomy.jpg
Views: 2670
Size:  386.9 KB

    Also, finally getting to those legs. Straight from my sketchbook, it's a bit of a mess.

    Name:  2014-04-16-01_Anatomy.jpg
Views: 2675
Size:  683.4 KB

    And doodles on scrap pieces of paper, because I tend to think about this stuff a lot now and have to draw it everywhere.

    Name:  ScrapDoodle2.jpg
Views: 2674
Size:  418.5 KB

    Name:  ScrapDoodle.jpg
Views: 2674
Size:  507.7 KB

    Name:  ScrapDoodle3.jpg
Views: 2667
Size:  527.7 KB

    I usually post on Sundays, but I thought I'd try and split it up a bit. I'm sure I'll draw a bunch more this weekend and upload again on Sunday as well

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    Here's a few more 15, 30, and 60 second gesture drawings - I just like warming myself up with them and getting loose. I think I need to duplicate the layer though or something, cuz they're kinda light.

    Name:  2014-04-21-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2669
Size:  343.4 KB

    Name:  2014-04-20-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2671
Size:  335.4 KB

    Name:  2014-04-19-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2663
Size:  224.7 KB

    Last set of male vs female mannequins for now. Trying to do as much from imagination as possible.

    Name:  2014-04-19-01_Anatomy.jpg
Views: 2667
Size:  429.7 KB

    Also a little bit more perspective stuff and figures from imagination. Some broken backs and weird anatomy, but at least I can see what I need to work on.

    Name:  2014-04-05-01_PerspMannicans.jpg
Views: 2662
Size:  512.4 KB

    Going to do some more leg anatomy this week hopefully and more random figures from imagination. I also picked up Michael Hampton's figure drawing book the other day at Vancouver's Fan Expo Can't wait to start using it!

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    Here's another round of my favorite way to warm up!

    Name:  2014-04-22-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2654
Size:  366.6 KB

    Name:  2014-04-23-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2663
Size:  370.9 KB

    Name:  2014-04-24-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2664
Size:  367.5 KB

    Name:  2014-04-26-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2660
Size:  335.3 KB

    Name:  2014-04-26-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2648
Size:  364.0 KB

    And here's some more leg anatomy studying via Joseph Sheppard's "Anatomy: A Complete Guide for Artists."

    Name:  2014-04-22-01_LegAnatomy.jpg
Views: 2653
Size:  388.5 KB

    Name:  2014-04-23-01_LegAnatomy.jpg
Views: 2651
Size:  654.8 KB

    Name:  2014-04-24-01_LegAnatomy.jpg
Views: 2652
Size:  623.1 KB

    Name:  2014-04-26-01_LegAnatomy.jpg
Views: 2645
Size:  694.2 KB

    More on the way!

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    Here's some more gestures

    Name:  2014-04-27-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2637
Size:  259.7 KB

    Name:  2014-04-28-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2631
Size:  266.9 KB

    Name:  2014-04-29-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2635
Size:  266.3 KB

    Some more leg studies from my book.

    Name:  2014-04-27-01_LegAnatomy.jpg
Views: 2633
Size:  494.5 KB

    Name:  2014-04-27-02_LegAnatomy.jpg
Views: 2626
Size:  616.9 KB

    And finally some legs drawn from photo reference. Planning to do some more pages of this.

    Name:  2014-04-22-01_Legs.jpg
Views: 2634
Size:  362.2 KB

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    Here's another batch of those gestures I like to do so much. :3

    Name:  2014-04-30-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2627
Size:  267.9 KB

    Name:  2014-05-04-01_Gesturs.jpg
Views: 2609
Size:  269.9 KB

    Name:  2014-05-03-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2616
Size:  266.6 KB

    Name:  2014-05-03-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2619
Size:  264.4 KB

    Name:  2014-05-01-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2603
Size:  274.2 KB

    Here's a bunch more leg studies from reference. I'll probably move onto something else now!

    Name:  2014-05-01-01_Legs.jpg
Views: 2610
Size:  329.8 KB

    Name:  2014-04-28-01_Legs.jpg
Views: 2611
Size:  328.0 KB

    I also picked up a figure drawing book by Michael Hampton - I'm loving it so far. I pulled out my large sketch pads from when I attended the Art Institute of Vancouver to sketch on. Back in the day I would leave so much empty space on these large sheets so I figure I might as well use them now. So, these next pictures have exercises and new stuff on them, but also some horrendously old life drawings, like, terribly horrendous. It's interesting to see the contrast between what I was drawing years ago compared to my present drawings. Anywho, watch out for the couple of really old drawings here - I don't think they're that hard to pick out and avoid lol

    Name:  2014-05-04-02_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2611
Size:  1.03 MB

    Name:  2014-05-04-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2605
Size:  1.02 MB

    Name:  2014-05-04-03_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2615
Size:  984.0 KB

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    Here's a mid-week update. 15, 30, and 60 second gestures as per the usual.

    Name:  2014-05-07-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2593
Size:  273.0 KB

    Name:  2014-05-06-01.jpg
Views: 2587
Size:  242.3 KB

    Name:  2014-05-05-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2591
Size:  244.3 KB

    Here's a few more pages of exercises from Hampton's book. I'm trying to do it from imagination as much as possible. (again, ignore those old pencil life drawing sketches )

    Name:  2014-05-07-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2582
Size:  1.04 MB

    Name:  2014-05-07-02_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2580
Size:  1.02 MB

    Name:  2014-05-07-03_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2584
Size:  1.01 MB

    I also found a stack of blank index cards. For some reason I love the idea of index cards, just little slips of paper with so much possibility... of course I never use them for anything and just hoard them. So, I've decided I need to start using them, also I need to start using my Copic Markers which see very little use at the moment - which also gives me a chance to play around with a bit of color. Anywho, here's the first of hopefully many little index card sketches.

    Name:  2014-05-07-01_IndexCardPeople.JPG
Views: 2573
Size:  114.7 KB

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    Nothing super exciting this update. Here's the gestures.

    Name:  2014-05-08-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2572
Size:  271.4 KB

    Name:  2014-05-10-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2567
Size:  267.6 KB

    Name:  2014-05-10-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2562
Size:  266.5 KB

    Name:  2014-05-11-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2556
Size:  265.5 KB

    Here's some quick random doodles. Got this stuff on my mind all the time.

    Name:  2014-05-10-01_Doodles.jpg
Views: 2561
Size:  163.8 KB

    Lastly, some more gestures on the giant drawing pad. Doing it from imagination! More to come

    Name:  2014-05-10-01_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2568
Size:  144.7 KB

    Name:  2014-05-10-02_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2568
Size:  148.2 KB

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    You're really pushing it! Keep it up

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    Thanks Artplur! It means a lot!

    This will be kind of a big dump of nothing terribly exciting. Had some troubles uploading this week so stuff has kind of been piling up, but I can finally post again so here we go!

    Name:  2014-05-20-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2548
Size:  369.7 KB

    Name:  2014-05-19-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2548
Size:  271.8 KB

    Name:  2014-05-18-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2557
Size:  269.9 KB

    Name:  2014-05-17-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2553
Size:  265.3 KB

    Name:  2014-05-17-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2564
Size:  274.9 KB

    Name:  2014-05-15-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2536
Size:  269.6 KB

    Name:  2014-05-14-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2540
Size:  268.0 KB

    Name:  2014-05-13-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2535
Size:  285.8 KB

    Name:  2014-05-12-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2548
Size:  265.8 KB

    Again, more practice via Hampton's book. Most of this is from imagination, little to no reference.

    Name:  2014-05-19-01_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2543
Size:  152.0 KB

    Name:  2014-05-15-01_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2545
Size:  142.9 KB

    Name:  2014-05-14-01_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2531
Size:  134.4 KB

    Name:  2014-05-13-01_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2527
Size:  175.2 KB

    Name:  2014-05-12-01_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2524
Size:  163.6 KB

    Name:  2014-05-19-02_Hampton.jpg
Views: 2528
Size:  126.0 KB

    whew! Alright, onto more stuff

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    I really respect your dedication to the practice here, awesome work. Your gestures are really clean and accurate.
    In the first post your are drawing with a thick outline, is it some kind of style? or is just to focus in the gesture form?
    My Sketchbook

    Be water my friend
    -Bruce Lee

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    Thanks so much acu!
    I think the line thickness is partially just my preference (my style I guess?), but also partially because I don't usually spend much time changing my brush size back and forth once I start drawing on the computer, I usually just keep going with whatever I got (possibly I'm lazy haha). I think the look of it has kind of grown on me though.

    Here's another chunk of gestures.

    Name:  2014-05-22-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2503
Size:  375.4 KB

    Name:  2014-05-25-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2499
Size:  382.5 KB

    Name:  2014-05-24-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2512
Size:  377.4 KB

    Name:  2014-05-24-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2506
Size:  374.8 KB

    Name:  2014-05-22-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2494
Size:  367.8 KB

    Another swack of drawings on the large drawing pad. Beware the old drawings!

    Name:  2014-05-20-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2500
Size:  1.05 MB

    Name:  2014-05-20-02_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2510
Size:  1.12 MB

    Name:  2014-05-22-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2500
Size:  973.3 KB

    Name:  2014-05-24-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2493
Size:  1.07 MB

    Name:  2014-05-25-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2488
Size:  1.04 MB

    Name:  2014-05-25-02_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2493
Size:  1.01 MB

    And finally, something a little more creative and fun
    An angel lady, some kind of rock n' roll guy, a knight, and some sort of butterfly summoner or something - I really don't have a good explanation for her... but she looks mischievous.

    Name:  2014-05-08-01_Doodles.jpg
Views: 2488
Size:  174.8 KB

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    Got another week's worth of gestures and exercises from Michael Hampton's book. It's been a busy week so I haven't had much time to anything else much exciting - I just kept chugging along with these whenever I got the time this week.

    Name:  2014-05-26-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2476
Size:  389.1 KB

    Name:  2014-05-26-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2480
Size:  372.0 KB

    Name:  2014-05-28-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2491
Size:  378.8 KB

    Name:  2014-05-29-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2474
Size:  372.1 KB

    Name:  2014-05-29-02_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2464
Size:  367.6 KB

    Name:  2014-05-31-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2467
Size:  372.0 KB

    Name:  2014-06-01-01_Gestures.jpg
Views: 2466
Size:  369.6 KB

    Here's the Hampton stuff - I'm really enjoying his book. The emphasis on form is sinking in me thinks. :3
    Mostly "head stuff" this week.

    Name:  2014-05-29-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2462
Size:  1.23 MB

    Name:  2014-05-29-02_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2465
Size:  1.08 MB

    Name:  2014-05-31-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2462
Size:  1.06 MB

    Name:  2014-06-01-01_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2472
Size:  1.00 MB

    Name:  2014-06-01-02_Hampton.JPG
Views: 2464
Size:  969.8 KB

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