Need Help with Fresnel on Water/Waves

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    Need Help with Fresnel on Water/Waves


    im having a hard time to understand how fresnel works on water. i made some illustrations from what i think i understood, its not too hard to understand in simple situations, but my problem is how it behaves on waves.

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    i dont know how to go on with the wave situation, maybe i got something wrong in the overall subject.

    anyone got an idea how i can find it out myself? or where i find something on that subject that makes it clear, i barely found anything, just on the fresnel itself i got this usefull site:

    hope someone can help me out, thanks!

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    Hi dude! This is a great topic.

    From what i know the effect is not one which ever changes but due to the intrinsic properties of light. i.e. it behaves in a similar manner. So really its a case of thinking about the form (in this case the wave.) Understanding your viewing angle. Then appropriately creating the effect. This is why the closer you get to eye level with the water the stronger the reflection becomes.

    I think this is also covered by something called the grazing angle, or sheen.

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    Well, conceptually, it's quite simple. Don't know what's confusing you. Draw a line from the eye to a surface point. The sharper the angle between this line and the surface tangent - the more pronounced the Fresnel reflectance will appear at that point.

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