Shot in the "dark" can anyone help with 3D game development?

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    Shot in the "dark" can anyone help with 3D game development?

    Anyone have experience with webGL and three.js?

    It's webGL stuff like i think what quakelive is made in...

    this my stuff so far:

    need to add shooting and click events for shooting, and health bars, bosses, enemies.

    Currently you can jump to the top.

    If you can't view, use chrome, and if still no show, chrome://flags, enable webGL.

    If no one here can help with the technical backend game mechanics, let me know what you think as a consumer to "game-dev".

    I'm new to html5 three.js

    Also maybe some of you out there might want to get into this! It's somewhat simple to animate your art of any kind or set up a walk through 3D work gallery for your portfolio, which is sadly, essentially what i've been able to develop.


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    Why does it force fullscreen? Let it run windowed. Fullscreen is choking my framerate.

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    Wow, you really went full ham on this one!
    Artistically, when I saw this I immediately thought, "Yep, this is Shahan right here", it is very characteristic of your artwork. It translates seamlessly into 3D modelling.
    On the technical side though, I must agree with LaCan.

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