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Thread: Style of choice

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    Style of choice

    Hey, kinda new here, got a few posts in, blah nerrr blah..
    I'm just wondering if anyone would care to help me with a little prob.
    When i draw, i sometimes use shapes to help but it gets hard to use them on certain pics, andi get confused and pissed, so, i've seen alot of concept artists like Tj frame, draw the outline first and i'd say its help alot until a certian point, its hard to get details in after sometimes, so im asking if anyone can help me out on wat other styles there may be or how i can improve with my current ones.

    Also I live in england, kent rainham, and i was wonderin if anyone lives round there and is in or lookin for a artist group, (prefer concept artists and not them boring guys who go to tate modern) since i really need to study and i really need to get outta my house, make some friends who actually draw... so..ya


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    Hi BNB.

    Theres a meeting this Sunday up in Islington (up town). theres a whole group of UK concept artists (about 10 so far) and mainly in London. I'm in South-East London and know the area where you live.

    If that doesnt work then come into the lunge section and at the top go to the local groups, go into the UK one and hey presto.

    BTW, if you want cheap (free) tickets into town get on the train in Rochester, been told by a few people its pretty lax there conerning guards etc... might help lol.

    I could bullsh*t some stuff about the style but ill confuse myself so i wont
    Cockney boy, but south of the river!

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    Yea thats great, been into the uk meeting part, alot of them seem to like going to tate modern, i'm really not up for it, if they like seeing things like a guy in boxing gloves havin a jerk off, and then call it art, i think i'll stick here, and yet again, i'm only 16 and i really hate london or all big citys, let alone urban.

    So, i'll think about it, but i'll prob past..ya know, but if ya know anyone around my way into art and stuff, let me know please

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