I finally gathered up my confidence and will start posting my sketches and stuff. I decided to give myself a daily sketch challenge between studies for the whole year of 2014 starting from 20/11/13. The purpose I'm doing this is that I want to see how much I progress in a year. I find my progression rather shit at this point and my confidence etc is getting really low pretty quick everytime. So basically it's now or never, no more whining (I try :')) and start posting/drawing/studying.

My current weaknesses and sort of goal list is:

- Drawing pretty faces with everything on it (nose, eyes etc)
- Hands/Feet
- Gestures/anatomy
- Cloths/Armor

Basically everything!

I started learning to draw seriously like a year ago, with the dream of drawing everything cool that I can imagine, mostly fantasy stuff. With only a few hours after work (graphic designer)to practise I hope I can achieve a decent level so that I one day can start doing some small payed stuff.

As I said I started 'recording' from 20/11/13 and will post it from there so you can see it from the start.
I'm still figuring stuff out like what the best ways are to study things for me. Anyways here goes my first post of shame.

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Pretty poor start, hoping progress fast!