I just figured something out and since I never even think about it till my nibs start dieing out till tonight... But you know what screw it cause it works and I never have to change my nibs again.

Thank god and sorry Wacom but you have got to see this one coming it actually has been long awaited by some but most definitely me, since I never found a solution I created one for myself.

The Poor mans guide on:
How do you make a nib-less tablet pen.

The Non-Nibble: (I call It)

Your going to need the pointy top Wacom pen, not the newer ball one.
I don't know what those are like so I can't help you.

1. Either use your only pen (at your own risk) or an old one you have laying around.

2. Get Q-tip, Elmer's glue out (or some very strong and I mean strong glue/cement even)
(I am even thinking of trying to nail the Q-tip to the nib so it doesn't move when your going crazy hard on It or at an angle.)

3. Cut the Q-Tip about 5% from the top of the Q-Tip (we want the white stuff only)

4. Glue the nib to the Q-Tip top (obviously the plastic end with cotton around It, not the other way around.)

Enjoy endless scribbling with the non-nibble nib h4ck from yours truly -me

done... (Forever)

I am bootlegging Q-Tips $10 dollars a tip get them while they are HOT!

I added a clay to the inside of mine before gluing because my nib was worn down and badly scratching my surface.

You have no idea how happy I am right now. koolaid happy.

It is easily undo-able with little to no damage at all (depending on your method of solidifying the Q-tip top to the nib.) and It is a cheap ass solution and an easy inexpensive fix that even a cave man can do on top of that...

what more could you want? no It doesn't make a sandwich.

You know what is monumentally trippy it looks JUST LIKE THE NEW PENS!!!

Stewie: (laughs) Oh, you know, I'm thinking of the three of you. I'm-I'm thinking this guy...