Non-concept art peices in the Finally Finished section have sparked the same debate for as long as I've been hitting up CA. How about making a little subforum for Unrelated Art. From the talented guys who make their swirly sprawling designs to the abstract mixed media art school project guys... a seperate forum would give artists feedback about their art instead of another debate about weither is is for concept art.

If a sub forum is excessive action maybe just append a few words to one of the two stickies in the "It's finally finished" section. Add "keep it like concept art" or "anythings okay so long as it's art." and the the debate can finally be settled.

Very sorry if this has been discussed before but I couldn't find it anywhere and its a hard subject to type into the quick search. And sorry if I come off as whiney but it seems like an old problem with such a blazingly simple solution.