So... I am finally getting it in me to start one of these, and stop lurking and start being an active member. I have definitely had some fears about posting online, but it's shit or get off the pot time.

A little background... It wasn't until I got into a High School art class that I really found out how much fun creating art is, and it was something I learned to love pretty quickly. But, I definitely didn't take it seriously as a viable career option and would certainly be labeled as a "dabbler", even though it was something I felt growing as a passion of mine. So I went off to University and so began my five or so years of trying to figure out just what the hell I wanted to do with myself. After changing my major countless times, I finally managed to graduate. In the last year or so and consequently my graduation, I decided to make a commitment to becoming a professional artist. Once I made this decision, I quickly realized just how little I had learned in the art classes I took in college. So, I have been teaching myself between work and such and trying to find my way in this decision of mine. I have so much to learn, and will be figuring out just where the eff I am headed for a while I suspect, but it's a going to be worth it. I recently decided to sign up for the Watts Atelier Online program, with the intent of moving out there in the future to attend at the school. So I hope I can use this thread as a means to share my progress/development as an artist, and hopefully make some friends while I'm at it.

Alright, end of that tangent... I am just going to dump a bunch of stuff I have done recently, and a little while ago too. But, then on I plan to just post my day to day or whatever. And on we go!

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