Fallout 4 box art

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    Fallout 4 box art

    A site registered to Bethesda with the fallout logo was launched with a count down timer to december 11th. If you go to the site thesurvivor2299.com you will immediately hear obnoxious Morse code. Redditors have been decoding it for clues. There's a new code every day that reveals more about the setting and story. Here's a link to the doc they cooked up with all of the decoded goodness.
    This video sums it all up pretty well

    -Your assignment is to create a box illustration for Fallout 4 using the information available. You can take all the creative liberties you need, just so long as it fits into the fallout setting.
    -You must include a Fallout 4 logo. You may use their previous logo or create your own.
    -As always please post your WIPs
    -Any sloppy unfinished work or art that is unrelated to the topic will be disqualified.
    -The deadline is December 11th.
    Here's some links to box art templates.
    xbox one
    The back cover and spine are encouraged, but not required.

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    doh*It was a hoax after all. Probably the most epic rick roll ever rolled. The troll who put that together deserves high position at a marketing firm.

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    Bethesda should hire that dude out right lol. Still a pretty sweet topic regardless, it's just a shame this side of the forums doesn't see much action these days

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    Yeah, I think it's because there are so many great weeklies out there. Also part of what attracts folks to compete is the challenge of competing with artists that are obviously better than you. Since there are no entries, nobody has a reason to enter.

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    Hey whats the deadline on this??? this page doesn't look like an official challenge page to me, no offense intended!

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    The deadline was today.
    -The deadline is December 11th.

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    That's too bad. I'll post a topic for the next IOW soon.

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