Hi all! Vulgar' and I are co-hosting an EOW/IDW crossover for the next two weeks and we invite everyone on CA to participate. This is a great chance to flesh out your portfolio with a cohesive set of environment and design work.

The topics:

EOW Children's Alley: It is a dim and dark future where the phenomenon of homeless children roaming the streets has become an everyday occurrence. The narrow, winding back alleys in this grimy city have become the particular domain of the smallest children.

IDW Alley Protector : Though young and scrawny, they are canny: from the debris around them, they've created protectors of trash to guard their dens and hoards. These constructs provide the strength and bulk needed to survive not only the ever present adult predators, but also the older kids who look to take over their scavenging treasures and territory. Your task is to show us what one of these alley protectors might look like. You must pick either show a body-guard protector, a territory protector, or a treasure protector.

We look forward to seeing you there.