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Thread: Riana's New Sketchbook: Need more feedback in my life!

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    Red face Riana's New Sketchbook: Need more feedback in my life!

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    Hello CA! ...again! A lot has happened since I last posted in April 2011, and I've been lurking the forums more and more now that I'm in my third year in college and first year in my University working on a BFA in Illustration (or Animation... or both! I really want to do both!)

    I feel the time has come for me to make a new sketchbook. I would use the old one and just update it but there's stuff in there from high school and I want to make a clean "start". I really want to get feedback on my progress since I really don't get enough of it at school.

    Also I really want to do some serious sketching and studies because I've really slacked off this year. In January I moved out of my parents house to go to University and it's taken an a serious toll on my creativity energy(needless to say I was ...very sheltered, my mom did everything for me while I drew all day long). At the moment I still have a low energy level when it comes to art outside of school. I'm finding it difficult to do personal studies among school, food shopping (I don't have a car so this takes a while...), cooking, cleaning, homework, and sleeping. But I'm really determined! I've started drawing straight lines first thing in the morning. Though I would love advice and pointers of where to start anew! I would love some guidance! I want to improve!

    Aaand I really want to network, be more active here, and make friends who actually make art! A mentor would be amazing, too!

    Alright enough rambling, here's some of my fairly recent stuff including personal sketches for a story I'm working on and a head structure/color study from life studies class! Tomorrow I will upload some drawings from life and if I can, some of my gesture drawings from life studies.

    Thanks for looking!

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