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    Lovely sketchbook! I would love to see some traditional stuff like still lifes. Try to focus more on values, your digitals look like they need more polishing.

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    2nd page of sb! Thanks for hitting it with your comments guys :3
    Man only one page a month... not good enough!
    I'm in a really good mood today though heehe.

    Ramalooke: WOW! THANK YOU. I'll take your advice
    I haven't really done any long period drawings/paintings because it's painful.
    ( I've got no patience at all!! )But that's probably why I need to do it! Haha
    Thank you thank you thank you!! I won't be able to focus on only that for weeks, but I will definitely work at it.

    adyM: awww you like my style?? thank you for your interest

    Minella: Your advice is similar to Ramalooke's ( above ) and I appreciate it!
    Two people commenting about this topic means I definitely need to improve on that.
    I don't know how to do traditional still lives.. how does that work?
    And yes they definitely need polishing!! Thank you!


    Some sketches today. Realized I draw all my women pretty much naked... erk
    But then that made me realize I've no idea how to even draw clothing.
    So I attempt hoods and a little folding.. not much

    Also a couple of leg and arm/finger studies
    Sorry for bad quality :I

    Name:  100_2470.JPG
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Size:  60.3 KBName:  100_2471.JPG
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Size:  64.8 KBName:  100_2472.JPG
Views: 773
Size:  64.7 KBName:  100_2473.JPG
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Size:  62.7 KBName:  100_2474.JPG
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Size:  68.6 KBName:  100_2475.JPG
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Size:  60.2 KB

    2hr photo study...
    tried to work on refining...
    It's very difficult and I don't know how to approach edges!
    I need to study eyebrows and lips, but I like her nose

    Name:  noserenderrererrgirll.png
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Size:  350.1 KB


    OKAY I DONT NEED SLEEP TONIGHT. RAWRRRRRR Time to work on some still life ^ ___ ^

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    So I realized today that my camera doesn't take crappy pictures... I've just had it on the wrong setting for awhile..probably by bumping it maybe...

    A couple of studies and a nonref'd head & girl with messed up arms.
    I quite like the head

    Name:  100_2484.JPG
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Size:  67.5 KBName:  100_2483.JPG
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Size:  67.7 KBName:  100_2485.JPG
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Size:  67.9 KBName:  100_2482.JPG
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    5 hr still life. Ughhhh how am I still alive?? I don't know. That was the most painful thing I've experienced in art.
    I'm just a big baby though hahah
    Mannnn mine doesn't even look goo

    Name:  Screen shot 2013-11-30 at 11.46.25 PM.png
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Size:  140.5 KBName:  Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 12.55.39 AM.png
Views: 781
Size:  137.7 KBName:  Screen shot 2013-12-01 at 11.32.42 AM.png
Views: 762
Size:  150.2 KBName:  bananastilllifestudy.png
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Size:  622.9 KB

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    Hey, nice banana =D and it allready looks much better than your previous one! it has some nice color variations, i also like how different hues shine through te vabirc. great job Do more of these and take your time. You learn how to render nicely and get rid of this slopy feel it has right now. Looking forward to see next updates

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    I think the banana looks great It was definitely worth the time At least I think so And you asked what I mean by traditional still lives, well just draw stuff from observation like your digital studies but use pencils or charcoal or watercolors or whatever you feel like using that day. Make different compositions of things you find in your home or outside, and draw away~ (That's what I should be doing too xD) I don't know if that was any help, sorry ^^;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pou View Post
    Hi!! I saw your comment on Kat's Sketchbook(-10hours/day eat, something something.)
    And I thought your comment was very precise and hit the spot for his/her major flaw. Fantastic advice
    So I decided to stop by on your sketchbook...

    And wow your hogarth studies and other ones are so great. They are almost exact copies.
    I also think that your choice to study individual anatomy/parts is wise.

    However, something I don't see much of in this sketchbook is your imagination.
    I would prefer to see some of your personal/ creative artworks along with studies
    ... I want to see what you create with all this knowledge of anatomy.
    Part of being an artist is to be able to take what you've learned and make new things. Plus it's interesting

    Also #44 Post scared me because I thought you had rendered the gun it'self ( all colors and etc ). I was amazed for a second haha

    But anyways, I have a question. How are you able to take the time to render and copy every detail? In other words... how do you learn patience? Like Kat I am very bad at finishing artworks because I get bored of what I'm working on. But it's in those finishing touches where alot of learning happens. Argh
    Any advices/critiques you could offer for me? I would appreciate anything very much. Thanks!

    You know you have some pretty cool stuff in here. Your sketches have a lot of life to them! You also have some really nice still life's, portraits and studies.

    You could take anyone of your more refined figure sketches and detail them out. That would help you learn that patience you were asking about. What I like to do is rough out my sketch then work from the top down and get as close as I can get at my current level and detail them out. Dark lines and all over the rough sketch. Then I will actually go over it with a knead eraser to clean it up, then take another eraser to clean up the junk. Then I will render the drawing the best I can. A lot of work for a single figure drawing? Maybe, but I also look at it like this. I could draw 100 shitty drawings in an hour or perfect 1 figure in an hour and go over it twice. Why? Well why teach yourself to draw a 100 shitty figures (or anything?)? Why not teach yourself to improve by fixing the mistakes on those figure drawing and teaching your eyes and hand how to draw the correct version you want?

    That's the way I look at it at.

    And I did do a drawing from imagination

    ETA: in no way was I implying you have a hundred shitty drawings lol. I just realized that could be misinterpreted! That was just my general thinking on why I practice the way I do and not directed at anyone in-particular.
    Last edited by BillW; December 3rd, 2013 at 01:09 AM. Reason: Clarification

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    Wow thanks for the positive feedback you guys! Honestly I was a bit scared to see what you guys would say...or if no one would say anything. Which is usually a bad sign D: luckily you guys are awesome and kind.

    Ramalooke: Thank you!! It's pretty difficult, but I will carry on
    I'm sure you've gone through more struggles to get to your skill lvl. Gotta cut out my baby whines
    Looking forward to your posts as well!!

    Minella: Ohhh that's what you meant
    I had thought you were referring painting traditionally hahaha ( I don't even know how to do that yet. )
    I've gained some chips of charcoal some friends thought were too small for them.
    They're missing out and wasting >:0 Lucky for me though!
    I will try some traditional still lives sometime in the future.
    Nonono! You were of great help and yeah! let's strive together~

    BillW: DUUUDEE Thanks so much! I'll have to try that method for rendering with pencils
    Also I tend to go inbetween the 100 and 1 drawing, usually about 5-10 an hour... I'm slow and get distracted
    And ah I didn't misinterpret it! Even if I did I would take it to heart in the good way and slow down even more
    But I agree, longer period drawings are definitely I'll concentrate on those more anyways haha
    I like your outlook and I'll check your imagination drawing out right after this post


    Sorry guys I'm all talk and barely any bite today.
    Currently working on a still life and it's kicking my ass so much. Owchie.
    I'll finish it by tomorrow and upload it then
    Gonna have to keep it to one still life every two days
    Time constraints

    So just a couple of anatomy, cloth, gesture studies and unref'd people.
    I love drawing women so I forgot about men hah.
    Hadn't drawn any in a long time, besides anatomy body parts
    Still as boring to draw erk

    Name:  100_2487.JPG
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Size:  67.2 KBName:  100_2488.JPG
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Size:  73.1 KBName:  100_2490.JPG
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Size:  71.6 KBName:  100_2491.JPG
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Size:  60.2 KBName:  100_2492.JPG
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Size:  72.1 KBName:  100_2493.JPG
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Size:  70.2 KBName:  100_2494.JPG
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Size:  78.5 KBName:  100_2497.JPG
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Size:  53.2 KB

    Oh and I tried some more watercolor today

    Name:  100_2498.JPG
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Size:  83.0 KBName:  100_2499.JPG
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Size:  99.1 KB

    Also a quick nonref'd doodle I forgot to upload yesterday

    Name:  quicksketchbigtrlrlddd.png
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Size:  139.6 KB

    Man I suck today...and am really really talkative?

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    Hey pou thanks and thank for commenting as well. You got some sweet figures going on here! Looking forward to your uploads as well! Haha, yep time to grind!

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    Oh man right after I say let's grind, I slack like the sock in my still life
    I wish I could just art everyday as much as I want. Priorities suck
    Just a tiny bit amount of studies. Agh this is embarrassing.

    Name:  100_2500.JPG
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Size:  80.8 KBName:  100_2501.JPG
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Size:  72.3 KBName:  100_2502.JPG
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Size:  80.3 KB

    Here's finished still life...
    Yeah I don't like it. I played around with a blur filter too
    4-5hrs ( I kept redoing everything. )

    Name:  boneststilldlife <3.png
Views: 745
Size:  522.8 KB

    oh and also tried out this for the first time on this piece.
    Name:  Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 10.46.07 PM.png
Views: 731
Size:  6.6 KB
    Uh I don't know how I feel about it honestly. My tablet doesn't have much pressure sensitivity to begin with


    8 more days until I get to begin learning color theory and anything related to color besides still lives! Yeah!

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    Sup there!
    Saying there is no need for compliment on the first post is kind of... well, I don't give a damn, I'm gonna compliment you anyways, cuz that's how I am haha!
    You've got some really sweet stuff here mate! Really liking your productivity and energy in your work, lines going everywhere but still making sense is cool! So yeah, There is a great flow in the work!
    Also, attractive girls are always Great for selling your stuff, good job haha!
    On the Critique part, since it's what you are really trying to get, here it goes!
    Once again I really like your productivity, I just want to make sure you don't "copy" the stuff you draw in your studies, you really gotta disect what you see and simplify it so that you can recall it anytime you want when it comes to drawing from imagination!
    Also, really tonal work, your black n greys works really well!
    That being said, I would really like to see more of structure anatomy (yeah that borring stuff with cubes and sphere in 3d space) it's really gonna help you later on I swear Cuz when I Look at your anatomy study I see lots of lines going everywhere but I don't feel like you got the 3d shape of this, you get me? yeahhh!
    One last thing, about photoshop painting, be carefull about your edges! many lines are lost and that take away the good look of a painting really quick! Also try to do lines that follow each others, As I see right now, it's much more of somepatchy almost sponge painting work. Feel the flow of the contour and try to understand how light is working on the material and ultimately, keep the same image as ref, but change the lighting to an imaginated one, that's where you are gonna bang your head on the wall to understand how it works and that's where you are gonna realise thing !

    Well well that was my thoughts on your work! I can feel lots of determination, so I hope you are gonna keep working on as hard as you've been working!
    Great work, keep it up !
    Waves and Water
    SKetchbook & blog
    excuse my english yo!

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    Wavenwater: Oh. YES. You've hit all my weaknesses

    I don't like compliments because my head gets inflated and so fat. It's not good for me,
    but it is nice toreceive them every once in awhile I suppose thank you

    AHHHHHHHHHH YOURE RIGHT. All my digi pieces have a spongy look to them
    Now this is the best kind of critique. Telling me what is error in my art and then giving me advice.
    I'll definitely try what you've suggested about switching up the light...
    but I have no idea how lighting works right now
    should I still try it now? Awh heck why not, haha I'll try it soon.
    Okay I will go to 3D shapes. I never really studied them to begin with
    but I have been trying harder lately to imagine form.
    Going to 3d shapes might just be the simpler way to learn it for now though...obviously derp XD


    Okay I sucked today also. Got to get my head back into it.
    Today was a really bad day for art

    WIP of Unref'd graphite sketch. I will be adding more
    Hey BillW I tried what you recommended and it worked well!
    I think it improved my traditiional lines a whole bunch

    Name:  100_2506.JPG
Views: 724
Size:  51.0 KB

    Some studies, towards the end I tried to keep my lines simple

    Name:  100_2508.JPG
Views: 720
Size:  70.5 KBName:  100_2509.JPG
Views: 728
Size:  69.7 KBName:  100_2510.JPG
Views: 721
Size:  65.7 KBName:  100_2512.JPG
Views: 732
Size:  61.0 KB

    A photo study of myself. UGH SO BAD. Dang.
    Guess it's good I'm practicing on myself so I don't offend anyone else
    Oh and I didn't like my other eye...yeah
    kept redoing everything and just couldn't get that one to not look horrifying
    bad excuses for bad quality art

    Name:  selfieeyegone.png
Views: 726
Size:  285.5 KB

    Another sad excuse. I tried to see how I paint faster now and it's just way to soon for that.
    Also I just suck at this

    Name:  orangepeels.png
Views: 733
Size:  238.8 KB

    Sometimes art is just so difficult to me and my patience is nonexistant

    Also I think I'm going to upload only every other day... I don't want to be flooding the front CA sketchbook page
    Last edited by Pou; December 5th, 2013 at 10:33 AM.

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    Those life studies are getting stronger. But you can do better. Push yourself and render hell out of those studies. This bone you painted is on completly new level. Good job!

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    POU YOU INSANE! KEEP ON GOING HARD AND YOU WILL WIN! dont forget to have some fun and put the studies away for a day or 2, just paint some beautiful stuff like butterflies, flowers and zombies ¦D PARTY HARD, PAINT HARD! EVERYTHING HARD! haha

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    Hey, nice work! That portrait from 1.12.2013 is awesome!

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    Ramalooke: Thank you for your faith in me!! And yeah I liked the bone
    perhaps my interest in the subject matter helped me pay most attention to the details
    I'll push myself MORE YESSS yeaaaaaahhh!!!

    Well my edges really really suck and I can't think of any other way to improve them other than still lives...but I'll try to do more personal work. I like drawing naked people
    I hate butterflies :c. I'm actually creating a short story pertaining to that hatred and I'll upload each update as I create it here. GOIN HAM UP IN HURRE yakyakyak

    Vodoc: Thank you! I'm glad you think so


    I ditched my responsibilities today and worked on art a little more. heehe
    Anyways now to art related stuff.

    I've decided to start learning color a week early. And it's a good thing too. I HAVE NO IDEA OF ANY OF THIS.
    I would appreciate any advice and help on this subject (colors and light/shadow)!!
    Anything besides complimentary, tertiary, and secondary colors since I just learned about them and what they are today.
    Lol such a noob here

    But before I attempted any color learning/studies I did a nonref'd chick to see where I'm starting at.
    2 hrs. So slow and bad. Don't know how to refine anything below her face

    Name:  girlelfffie.png
Views: 711
Size:  225.6 KB

    I wanted to get a feel of what colors look like ( The bare basics)
    5 min each

    Name:  wall2.png
Views: 712
Size:  88.3 KBName:  wall1.png
Views: 710
Size:  124.0 KBName:  flwer1.png
Views: 703
Size:  36.1 KB

    A color photo reference. I had no idea there were so many hues in skintones o _ o
    about 2 hrs, can't remember exactly

    Name:  scarychika.png
Views: 697
Size:  429.9 KB

    The completed jellyfish drawing from the first post in my sketchbook.
    Finished it awhile ago...just too lazy to take a picture until now
    The camera kills it. Gonna touch up the drawing a little bit in the future

    Name:  100_2517.JPG
Views: 711
Size:  115.2 KB

    Some sketchbook pages. Tried to draw boxes 3d. And made me realize I don't know how to do that D:
    Gonna work on that

    Name:  100_2518.JPG
Views: 713
Size:  54.9 KBName:  100_2521.JPG
Views: 697
Size:  52.3 KBName:  100_2522.JPG
Views: 704
Size:  51.6 KB

    Lastly a still life!!
    I despised my last still life of the same subject so I chose to redo it. It's a mini orange
    Man I know what I'm going to buy myself as a present for the holidays. It's going to be a magnifying glass
    I had to practically put the little orange peel to my eye to see anything
    Also grossly the peel looks like human skin and you can pop the bubbles it has
    Uhhh not that happy with the result of this one either.

    4 1/2-5hrs

    Name:  orangerevencespon.png
Views: 699
Size:  156.9 KB

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