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    hi Pou

    good thing you're making goals, here 's one for u
    always finish my drawings :p (for me too)

    For overlay mode, it can be used different ways
    one way is for coloring BW drawing, by applying flat colors on an overlay layer but also use these same colors on another 'Color' layer above. the combination of Color and Overlay mode will colorize your bw image pretty good

    overlay can lighten your image (like screen) but also darken (like multiply) depending on value you're using

    that winged girl is nice, the unfinished effect is pretty good with it

    take care and keep up

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    Yuniken: Hey Thank you!!! I would really really really really appreciate that. What would you suggest for studying the most basics besides geometric shapes? Thanks for looking out for me

    Phoenicorn: O____O Wow! Thank you, it'sno problem at all. Ahhah I feel you were too kind on me 7/10, I checked out the other artists reviews as well. Such awesomness!! Thank you for taking the time to do that You've raised my spirits.

    Zou:!!!!! I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE. It's recently become very very apparent my inability to complete imagination pieces . I actually tried the color technique yesterday, you'll see the failure in this post. I might just be acting childish ahha. Thank you for the advice and I'll work on completing an imagination piece today...all day from start to finish Ooh man.


    Managed to fix my scanner...Will scan future drawings after I complete this edgebound sketchbk
    Practiced arms. Pretty difficult

    Name:  1.png
Views: 578
Size:  180.2 KBName:  100_2768.JPG
Views: 560
Size:  31.4 KB
    Name:  100_2767.JPG
Views: 559
Size:  29.0 KBName:  100_2766.JPG
Views: 561
Size:  24.3 KB
    Name:  100_2765.JPG
Views: 571
Size:  29.2 KBName:  100_2764.JPG
Views: 557
Size:  31.0 KB
    Name:  100_2763.JPG
Views: 567
Size:  24.4 KBName:  100_2761.JPG
Views: 555
Size:  24.5 KB
    Name:  100_2760.JPG
Views: 564
Size:  22.5 KBName:  100_2770.JPG
Views: 562
Size:  27.3 KB
    (unref) Name:  2.png
Views: 557
Size:  432.3 KB

    Tried something new

    Name:  hgjgpale.png
Views: 578
Size:  526.0 KB

    Attempted to apply what I learned from the study above
    Felt very disappointed at the results, moped around ate some chocolate then got over myself
    unref ( using color tech. )

    Name:  Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 3.29.06 PM.png
Views: 566
Size:  247.8 KB

    And so practiced these since I don't understand them

    Name:  nosieposies.png
Views: 570
Size:  149.3 KBName:  nosieposie2.png
Views: 571
Size:  122.0 KB



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    Aoowwwwhh I was very very bad these past two days. Just look at my stuff Pou's Sketch Snap

    Trying to understand color. So challenging. Also tried new brushes... I don't know how I feel about them

    Name:  loveleeo.png
Views: 552
Size:  417.1 KB

    Skintone studies

    Name:  skins1.png
Views: 557
Size:  275.1 KB

    Then unref attempting to use what I learned... Looks alot like amanda bynes huh.

    Name:  gurrrrramandabyne?.png
Views: 546
Size:  209.5 KB

    Afterwards studied eyes

    Name:  eyebpractices.png
Views: 542
Size:  385.9 KB

    Quick Photo study + Wips

    Name:  Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 7.39.31 PM.png
Views: 550
Size:  47.6 KBName:  Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.14.11 PM.png
Views: 553
Size:  68.1 KBName:  limawet.png
Views: 553
Size:  194.8 KB

    Then I try another unref color...How far off are my lighting and colors? I can't tell one bit

    Name:  sdfsdf.png
Views: 559
Size:  227.9 KB


    My digital skill is now lacking behind of my pencils. So I will work to improve my digital rendering ablities...( It's not going to be pretty for awhile. Sorry ahead of time!!)
    Last edited by Pou; January 6th, 2014 at 05:34 AM.

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    Hey there,
    You mentioned somewhere that you don't see any improvement since page 1.
    I just took the time to compare page 1 and page 4.

    I gotta say that I see a lot of improvement in your stuff.
    - The line quality has improved. They look more secure and weighted now.
    - Your studies have improved. It looks as if your observing more closely and getting more information out of what you see.
    - Your anatomy knowledge improved a lot. Just look at the stuff on page 1 and you'll see.
    - Your no-ref stuff improved. Although you struggle with it the most at the moment, you already have a lot more depth and a better usage of color.

    I really like the direction your latest no-ref picture is going. To have an easier time with them, I'd suggest putting a clearer lightsource in. If you exactly define what's in the light and what goes dark, you'll be much more confident during the rendering. You should also try to apply the little color-hue-shifts that you've seen (and applied) during your photo-studies. Try to get them into your no-ref pictures. Skin can be very very tough to get right. It took me quite some time to build up the courage it takes to put weird colors into my skin

    Also, try not to be too hard on yourself. Drawing is a real hard thing to do and you're doing pretty damn well already. Just keep on practicing and studying as much as you can and you'll see improvement. Just try to be the best you can be and have fun on the way

    Keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecki View Post
    Hey there,
    You mentioned somewhere that you don't see any improvement since page 1.
    I just took the time to compare page 1 and page 4.
    Considering that your thread, pou, was started just two months ago... I agree that you're being much too hard on yourself and perhaps unrealistic.

    Drawing well requires mastery of many, many different skills. These take time, unfortunately. You can learn faster and more efficiently, but it could take months and possibly years. Don't be discouraged, though. In general you're working pretty well right now toward good progress. It may be difficult to see at times, but stick with it... especially when you feel like giving up.

    Good luck, and keep going.
    Thinking connects desire with creation.
    How good are you?

    The Road to Perdition

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    Hey, those last digital paintings you got up here look real nice. I can't paint or even draw on my iPad so I'm always super impressed by those that can.

    That being said, your work, all of it, has a lot of life to it. It's very noticeable and only getting better. It's all getting more solid and tight.

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    Hey man, thanks for dropping by my SB, and thanks for the sweet comment definitely agree with you on what you said. I need to finish my stuff.

    As p sage said, you need to think of mastery in a perspective of time. Is it realistic to master a given area in a few months time without prior knowledge? No. It's more realistic to think of it in terms of years. And from that perspective, you'll see that it's better to be consistent with small steps, than taking giant leaps, and then drop out of it until you build energy to leap again. As other people mentioned: you're doing great. You're working hard, and working a lot. That's all you need. You KNOW that if you keep this up your skill will grow and you will get results. They might NOT be visible in the beginning. You might not even see changes for a few months. Truly! and that doesn't mean that you're failing. Not at all. The knowledge you gain will start expressing itself in the work you do. It's a promise.

    Aoowwwwhh I was very very bad these past two days. Just look at my stuff
    Bad compared to what or whom? Algenpfleger? Bumskee? No, you were awesome. You've posted more drawings in your latest post than I have done these past 2 weeks. Applaud yourself for your effort man. You're pushing yourself consistently. You need to see your actions as a part of a long process. And as long as what you do is contributing to that process you are doing the right thing. Bad doesn't exist.

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    Ecki: Thank you so much for taking the time for your comment,
    is this perhaps the comment you were referring to? ( #61 post)

    Name:  Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 6.40.14 AM.png
Views: 497
Size:  13.6 KB

    This comment was about me wanting to show some of my older works that were completed before this sketchbook was created, but there wasnít much improvement until I began the sketchbook ( so no use showing ) Sorry if the sentence structure was confusing XP. Although I think my improvement speed isnít exactly fascinating, I can see at least a little improvement since the start of this Sb! ( Yay )
    HrmÖ how did you best learn how light and shadow react with form? From photo references, still lifes, etc? I still need better resources for this so Iíd appreciate all and any advice whenever about anything :I Thank you! And I am being tough on myself, itís tough not being hard on yourself, you know? Hhaha. Thank you so much again Ecki

    Psage: Glad my comment could help you! Youíre right Iím having unrealistic expectationsÖand the reason why they are unrealistic, is because I just am not putting in the amount of work thatís needed for the kind of results I wantÖ In addition to considering the amount of time needed to harness these skills, Iím such a mess with planning things out bah. Thanks for the encouragement Psage and helping me realize that I had never put in that certain amount to attain it. So Iíll try working harder since I know Iím not working the most I can currently.

    BillW: Haha I havenít tried drawing on an ipad before, but Iím sure itís not an easy task! Thanks ☺

    DefiledVisions: Duuuudeee but you should draw more, push yourself if you can ;D!! My issue and why Iím feeling so down is because my standards are repeatedly not being met, and Iíve realized why with the help of your guysí comments. Thank you Iíll try to take each day as individual building blocks, I always have the problem of viewing my future as a whole and not breaking it apart in steps. I know Iíll improve in the future, but itís just not at the speed I wantÖ.and YEAH ahhah man, comparing myself to algenpfl. Heís probably the first idol I actually want to be like. * ____ * So cool I swear.


    stuff, legs, feet for the first time, and eyes!

    Name:  100_2777.JPG
Views: 498
Size:  28.6 KBName:  100_2773.JPG
Views: 487
Size:  32.5 KB
    Name:  100_2789.JPG
Views: 489
Size:  36.1 KBName:  100_2788.JPG
Views: 513
Size:  38.0 KB
    Name:  100_2787.JPG
Views: 494
Size:  33.9 KBName:  100_2786.JPG
Views: 504
Size:  33.0 KB
    Name:  100_2785.JPG
Views: 494
Size:  33.6 KBName:  100_2783.JPG
Views: 494
Size:  32.0 KB
    Name:  100_2781.JPG
Views: 492
Size:  31.5 KBName:  100_2780.JPG
Views: 498
Size:  30.8 KB
    Name:  100_2779.JPG
Views: 504
Size:  30.9 KBName:  100_2778.JPG
Views: 490
Size:  30.3 KB


    Name:  2.png
Views: 505
Size:  151.4 KBName:  100_2782.JPG
Views: 496
Size:  60.4 KB
    Name:  100_2776.JPG
Views: 509
Size:  56.2 KB

    color study, skintone from imagination

    Name:  skins1.jpg
Views: 499
Size:  40.9 KBName:  sdf.jpg
Views: 503
Size:  38.1 KB

    unref piece, and then showing it before auto corrections and sfx.
    Thinking I'm gettin a hang of I just need to learn how to draw 8D

    Name:  kjdf.jpg
Views: 503
Size:  61.8 KBName:  sdfsf.jpg
Views: 507
Size:  68.2 KB

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    Have I ever told you that I adore the way you draw faces? No? Well I do! Your unreffed stuff is getting much better. And I agree with others, you're being too hard on yourself, but I am guilty of that too... xD I always feel unworthy if I have not drawn something.
    Keep rocking and having fun!

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    Going through your sketchbook I see you as a very special person with lots of talent
    and great potential on your hands, the amount of motivation and will to improve
    is just unbelievable. You are also a very focused precise individual who takes great
    track of its own progress and achievements. I mean, just the way you reply to people and
    the way that you describe the things that you did on a certain drawings and paintings
    is for a great example to others, just how a quality sketchbook should look. The most
    crazy thing is that you are only 22 years old, I mean just compared to myself, when I
    was that age, I was rarely even thinking about art, I was doing like one or two drawings
    in a month, or spent a whole year without doing any art. You are so much better then
    I was back then, and I am absolutely sure that if you keep on going like this, if
    you really put your mind up to be an artist or illustrator, a sky is the limit for you.
    This is only a few months old sketchbook and there are already large steps
    of improvements, you already know tons over the basics, it really questions ones
    mind, is this the new generations of artists, is this the new breed? 20 or so years
    ago there was no internet, no google to look up for things, to find online books and help,
    but with todayís technology all the resources that one can get, all the contacts, advices
    and friendly help, combined with your will power and dedication to achieve and to
    succeed is just beyond any ones imagination.
    There are some great members of this community,
    and friends already visited your sketchbook and they already left many
    great advices and instructions, analyzed your work, and guided you in the right direction,
    so I really could not know what to say, to leave you as an advice, except that you should keep on going
    and you never give up doing art, draw, paint do many many studies and you will see
    that only in a few months from now, not to say years, your improvements will
    be something more than amazing to see. Trials and errors are ok, we all have them
    in our lives, we live to learn, so donít get frustrated too often. The only thing that you
    could do wrong is to give up on art and not touch a pencil again, that would be a great
    shame of course. I already feel very good cause you choose to visit my humble sketchbook,
    I am really not of a caliber to be tracked on, I am pretty chaotic and plenty of times I
    am not sure what I am doing and where am I heading. Thank you for letting me near
    your artistic circle, hope that we will stay in touch and keep exchanging our opinions,
    till our next meeting I wish you all the possible best, be good and let this year to
    bring its prettiest to you.

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    @LtPlissken: Wow, you just touched my heart. I'm all teary eyed just by reading this. You're awesome man

    You're right... I misread that pretty hard, I'm sorry for that

    Insane update! I love it. To get to your question: I think that I'm learning the most about light and color just by doing still lifes and observing the world in general. I've also watched a learning DVD once (Practical light and color, by Jeremy Vickery). It was pretty good, but I don't think that I would be behind if I hadn't watched it. Just try to observe the bouncing of the light as much as possible. You're totally on the right track, just keep on rolling. And to be honest... I'm also really insecure about light and shadow. That's something I'm doing a lot of studies lately, because I needed (and still need) them

    I was just looking for some further tips that I could give you... but I just can't. You're tackling your weaknesses in just the right way, so keep going!

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    Like the others have said already. You have improved A LOT from page one in a very short amount of time!
    Your sketchbook is an inspiration to me and I keep coming back again and again even when you haven't made a new update ^^. I agree that you're being way too hard on yourself, if you keep this up then you'll get to your goal in no time!

    Only real crit would be that your proportions are a bit off in the first structure figure in post 99. Keep foreshortening in mind. Other than that you're doing the right stuff .
    Ps. Reading Ltplisskens respones ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. I could spend days just reading his posts on this site.

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    Minella: Y-you like the way I draw faces? Thank you, try not to feel unworthy, SINCE YOU AREN'T. You just take your advice you've given me, and keep rockin it. Hard

    LtPlissken: Dude. You must be the sweetest person on this art planet. Thank you for your encouragement. Yeah the internet really has made a difference, but there were still many artists who were amazing at younger ages even without the internet ;D This website definitely made a HUGE difference, there is so much support of each other. It has helped me keep goingÖ..and I really appreciate it. Ahhah of course!! Yeah definitely letís keep in touch if ever wished/needed Iíll tell you my full opinion and give hopefully helpful advice for you I enjoy giving back to others who give. Same to you!!

    Ecki: Eckiiiiiii ; v ;7 letís struggle together! Iím sure we shall overcome the miles of hurdles in association with light and color. Thank you for your honest comment! NO YOU KEEP GOING aeheh, Iím sure you would without me even saying so. You have gained such momentum so it is difficult to stop drawing at this point right? It is for me now. Pretty much hooked with drawing and the process towards improvement pfft

    Mrkolsyrad: Thanks Mrkolsyrad, I do hope so to achieve my goalÖgonna be a very tough road there, hope you stay along side me~. Glad I could serve as somewhat an inspiration ^ __ ^ Ah if itís not too much trouble could you perhaps redline my error? I canít see it now with my skill level I think and it would be a huge help if I could visualize it. And yeah ; _ ; hes so kind


    Oh hey so school starts again in 5 days. I don't want to go back to that hole...but I must. Also my portfolio due date is actually about two months from now ( misread the directions lal ) so that's good news! for me XD


    unref doodle, I see where I'm lacking so I'll work on that
    ( Yeah her arms are super flat ack )
    Name:  light-down-under.jpg
Views: 471
Size:  21.3 KB
    Name:  Untitled-1.jpg
Views: 492
Size:  30.1 KBName:  adriana1.jpg
Views: 487
Size:  44.5 KB

    More more more more more.
    Guess feet aren't something you can learn in a day or two.

    Name:  100_2792.JPG
Views: 496
Size:  32.2 KBName:  100_2804.JPG
Views: 481
Size:  34.0 KB
    Name:  100_2803.JPG
Views: 497
Size:  35.3 KBName:  100_2802.JPG
Views: 484
Size:  37.2 KB
    Name:  100_2801.JPG
Views: 503
Size:  34.1 KBName:  100_2800.JPG
Views: 474
Size:  34.8 KB
    Name:  100_2799.JPG
Views: 483
Size:  31.9 KBName:  100_2798.JPG
Views: 492
Size:  33.3 KB
    Name:  100_2791.JPG
Views: 489
Size:  37.3 KBName:  100_2805.JPG
Views: 481
Size:  35.3 KB


    Man CA is really glitchy for me right now. Making uploading and going on the site uncomfortable. Can't wait until switched servers ^ _^

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    Great update, Pou! And yeah, feet are a pain to draw, however poetic they look in stylised paintings, hehehe
    I like the look of the skins you paint... Do you have any special brushes that you can share?
    Dunno if I thanked you for commenting on my SB =] but thank you for the warm welcome!

    Hello! I really want to be a good artist... Being a girl who can draw some mediocre things just won't do anymore.
    Can you help me? I want MOARRRR!!

    -* Fer

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    Hello ! I've been checking out your work from time to time. It is inspiring seeing all that hard work, struggles, and such big determination. I think you are definately doing well. I like what LtPlissen said, you are very observant and critical. That is what it takes to become a great artist and you got it. You got a cool style going on and you are going to be a total bad ass in the future !

    I noticed some of your figures are extra long. Be careful with the amount of space inbetween the rib cage and pelvis. Also remember that the belly button is in line with the bottom of the rib cage. Loomis has a great proportion diagram at beginning of his book. I like to just leave it open and refer to it when I am unsure.

    Easy way to remember it is:
    from bottom of the head to bottom of pecs/nips = 1 head
    - from nips/bottom of pecs to bellybutton/bottom of ribcage = 1 head
    - belly button/end of rib cage to crotch = 1 head - this is the one you gotta pay attention
    - then 2 heads for top half of leg and 2 heads for bottom half

    It's all on the Loomis diagram. Another good way to get it in your head is touch your body(lol) and feel that the belly button is aligned with ribcage and how there isn't that much space inbetween the ribcage and pelvis. Well actually, you can just look at your body when you are unsure of any proportions. Sometimes a diagram isn't enough for some reason and we just need to see it happen in real life to really have it nailed in our heads.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that the proportions I wrote were for the male. I haven't paid attention to the female chart, but I'd assume it isn't much different. But ya check the books first !
    Last edited by Kathleen Hang; January 9th, 2014 at 01:42 PM.

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