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    Pou's Sketch Snap

    Go to bottom/last page for latest stuff ^ _^
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________________



    Let's get to drawing...

    Hello there... I created this sketchbook because I am a 22 year old that isn't that great at art, but is going to improve.
    I began drawing awhile ago...However I didn't begin studying anything until this year forrrrr stupid reasons
    ( meaning references/studies, pretty much all imagination up until this point) so I'm new to even the basics and am lacking fundamentals
    I am self-taught, with the exception of you guys here now
    My aim is to be at concept artist or illustrator level in 2 more years.
    I don't know for sure what I want to do...but wish to build the fundamental skills necessary for one of the two fields

    I am really slow at learning I think, but I will work harder to compensate,
    putting much into this sketchbook to improve improve improve improve. However I am quite busy, but I will try :"(.
    I hope to be part of the community here and will always appreciate feedback/ critiques.

    Don't be soft with me because I can take harsh criticism( as long as it has helpful intentions ).
    I need as much help as I can possibly get.
    Thanks for taking the time to look at my sketchbook!

    Name:  boneststilldlilfe -3.png
Views: 556
Size:  115.4 KB

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    Hey, cool start, got anything started you'd want to push forward? Would love to see a WIP. You have really good anatomy and value studies, keep it up.

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    Mindinart: Thanks for compliment! I want to push towards bettering myself at art overall ( color, value, depth, anatomy, composition, structure, etc ). I think I'm not good enough as is and I am completely clueless about art. So I will practice hard to...past "professional" level. I'll post a WIP tomorrow. For sure

    Here's some stuff. Fast fast gesture postures, planar charcoal, pastal + inkwash
    Much to improve

    Name:  100_2324.JPG
Views: 2467
Size:  56.4 KBName:  100_2332.JPG
Views: 2596
Size:  84.3 KBName:  100_2330.JPG
Views: 2461
Size:  47.1 KBName:  100_2329.JPG
Views: 2447
Size:  50.3 KBName:  100_2328.JPG
Views: 2457
Size:  51.4 KBName:  100_2327.JPG
Views: 2444
Size:  47.3 KBName:  100_2326.JPG
Views: 2441
Size:  47.1 KBName:  100_2325.JPG
Views: 2428
Size:  54.3 KB


    I try color studies from life for first time. SO much better than photo!
    Still suck at this though
    ( banana was my first one! It's worse than the others )

    Name:  jeansdfdfed.jpg
Views: 2522
Size:  88.2 KBName:  Untitled-1.jpg
Views: 2517
Size:  44.9 KBName:  dfsdfe.jpg
Views: 2414
Size:  27.6 KBName:  moseii1134444123f.jpg
Views: 2410
Size:  33.4 KBName:  banan.jpg
Views: 2416
Size:  33.5 KBName:  dfserrfd.jpg
Views: 2408
Size:  40.6 KB

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    A WIP of another banana study I did.
    Grr banana you very difficult to draw.

    Name:  Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 10.35.02 PM.png
Views: 2389
Size:  56.6 KBName:  Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 10.56.21 PM.png
Views: 2397
Size:  77.0 KBName:  Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 10.58.31 PM.png
Views: 2397
Size:  79.4 KBName:  Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 11.03.00 PM.png
Views: 2397
Size:  100.2 KBName:  Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 11.16.02 PM.png
Views: 2394
Size:  117.6 KBName:  bdanadba.jpg
Views: 2414
Size:  45.2 KB

    Some other studies from life. An apple, a sock, and wallet

    Name:  apploeu.jpg
Views: 2379
Size:  41.3 KBName:  sackidoak.jpg
Views: 2393
Size:  66.3 KBName:  walletd.jpg
Views: 2386
Size:  69.9 KB

    I attempt some people studies... Oh beyonce what did I do to you? Also Taylor Momsen study.
    ( My weak point )

    Name:  dfer.jpg
Views: 2383
Size:  58.2 KBName:  dsffd.jpg
Views: 2537
Size:  52.1 KBName:  taylormonmsend2123.jpg
Views: 2366
Size:  55.6 KB

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    Not much to show, will update more later when I've time.

    Some quickkkk gesture practices

    Name:  100_2336.JPG
Views: 2345
Size:  49.8 KBName:  100_2344.JPG
Views: 2351
Size:  40.7 KBName:  100_2343.JPG
Views: 2318
Size:  42.5 KBName:  100_2342.JPG
Views: 2326
Size:  44.7 KBName:  100_2341.JPG
Views: 2328
Size:  47.2 KBName:  100_2340.JPG
Views: 2323
Size:  42.1 KBName:  100_2339.JPG
Views: 2320
Size:  45.7 KBName:  100_2338.JPG
Views: 2320
Size:  50.2 KBName:  100_2337.JPG
Views: 2324
Size:  50.0 KBName:  100_2345.JPG
Views: 2310
Size:  47.4 KBName:  100_2346.JPG
Views: 2302
Size:  46.3 KBName:  f.jpg
Views: 2296
Size:  49.1 KB

    I was stalking through sketchbooks on here and saw advice saying try 100% opa and no help w/ pressure sensitivity to help see better color.

    So I'm taking the advice aimed at someone else for me too! It's good advice I think.

    I wrote on the drawing too so I wouldn't forget..

    Apples are very difficult wow.

    Name:  bannan.jpg
Views: 2292
Size:  43.6 KBName:  appludud2.jpg
Views: 2273
Size:  39.0 KB

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    Starting something new today. Goal is to do 2000 "sketchbook" pages in one year.
    8/2000 pages.

    A couple of quick studies, imagination, and 2min. Gestures

    Name:  100_2347.JPG
Views: 2267
Size:  62.2 KBName:  100_2358.JPG
Views: 2259
Size:  48.5 KBName:  100_2357.JPG
Views: 2257
Size:  47.5 KBName:  100_2355.JPG
Views: 2256
Size:  41.2 KBName:  100_2354.JPG
Views: 2256
Size:  45.4 KBName:  100_2353.JPG
Views: 2250
Size:  51.2 KBName:  100_2351.JPG
Views: 2248
Size:  46.2 KBName:  100_2350.JPG
Views: 2244
Size:  48.3 KBName:  100_2348.JPG
Views: 2242
Size:  48.3 KBName:  100_2359.JPG
Views: 2237
Size:  53.6 KB

    A quick b&w study

    Name:  xfgdy.png
Views: 2258
Size:  286.6 KB

    A b&w to color study

    Name:  girljapa1.png
Views: 2250
Size:  527.2 KB

    Original and color study

    Name:  543152_399307273501327to_1551275886_n.jpg
Views: 2227
Size:  354.7 KBName:  yoko.png
Views: 2242
Size:  387.5 KB

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    I was so busy these past couple of days.
    But no solid excuses worth it so I'll think of some kind of punishment for not practicing/ uploading.

    In the meantime here's some nose studies

    Name:  100_2362.JPG
Views: 2199
Size:  52.2 KB

    Some Gesture studies

    Name:  100_2371.JPG
Views: 2182
Size:  50.8 KBName:  100_2370.JPG
Views: 2170
Size:  47.1 KBName:  100_2369.JPG
Views: 2167
Size:  50.4 KBName:  100_2368.JPG
Views: 2152
Size:  49.7 KBName:  100_2367.JPG
Views: 2153
Size:  63.9 KBName:  100_2365.JPG
Views: 2143
Size:  58.8 KBName:  100_2364.JPG
Views: 2139
Size:  55.6 KBName:  100_2363.JPG
Views: 2142
Size:  50.0 KBName:  100_2372.JPG
Views: 2139
Size:  50.7 KBName:  100_2377.JPG
Views: 2128
Size:  46.4 KBName:  100_2376.JPG
Views: 2136
Size:  49.9 KBName:  100_2375.JPG
Views: 2122
Size:  49.8 KB

    Sideways shoulder study haha.

    Name:  100_2374.JPG
Views: 2131
Size:  87.6 KB

    Thumbnails for original drawing

    Name:  100_2379.JPG
Views: 2117
Size:  40.8 KB

    Now lines and sketch. Heavily referenced

    Name:  100_2361.JPG
Views: 2122
Size:  107.0 KB

    Here are some from life studies

    Name:  fbrastest1s.png
Views: 2113
Size:  258.1 KBName:  cituttirggg.png
Views: 2113
Size:  133.0 KB

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    Some gesture poses & studies

    Name:  100_2380.JPG
Views: 2086
Size:  48.4 KBName:  100_2381.JPG
Views: 2084
Size:  49.5 KBName:  100_2382.JPG
Views: 2097
Size:  57.9 KBName:  100_2383.JPG
Views: 2072
Size:  56.5 KBName:  100_2384.JPG
Views: 2070
Size:  47.3 KBName:  100_2385.JPG
Views: 2071
Size:  59.7 KBName:  100_2386.JPG
Views: 2053
Size:  49.1 KBName:  100_2387.JPG
Views: 2062
Size:  51.9 KBName:  100_2388.JPG
Views: 2066
Size:  47.5 KB

    Some B&W studies

    Name:  dhf.png
Views: 2068
Size:  250.7 KBName:  bodygirlflipshirtb.png
Views: 2061
Size:  219.7 KB


    Attachment 1857321

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    Hey, thank you very much for the comment. And cool to see the WIPs, the second banana in post #6, definetly the 100% opacity worked on that one. Can't say much more than I'm very happy to see your progress.

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    Geebus, love all of your paintings and figure drawings. Really inspiring to get into digital work. Keep it up!

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    Mindinart: It was no problem! Thank you for returning the favor and thank you for the encouragement!!

    MomoMichi: Ah I'm glad I could inspire you! I will definitely keep it up, thanks

    : Responded


    A page of nose studies bridgman and photos
    Also 300/300 60sec gesture poses today... won't upload them all. Reached about 50 sheets of paper haha. ( Already recycled & used paper )

    Name:  100_2389.JPG
Views: 2036
Size:  53.9 KBName:  100_2399.JPG
Views: 2037
Size:  44.2 KBName:  100_2398.JPG
Views: 2022
Size:  51.7 KBName:  100_2397.JPG
Views: 2021
Size:  50.9 KBName:  100_2396.JPG
Views: 2017
Size:  48.5 KBName:  100_2395.JPG
Views: 2018
Size:  45.0 KBName:  100_2392.JPG
Views: 1997
Size:  42.0 KBName:  100_2391.JPG
Views: 2016
Size:  44.0 KBName:  100_2390.JPG
Views: 2008
Size:  47.3 KBName:  100_2400.JPG
Views: 2000
Size:  43.6 KBName:  100_2401.JPG
Views: 2003
Size:  47.9 KBName:  100_2402.JPG
Views: 1989
Size:  44.8 KB

    A weird painting of ref'd girl. She's awkward and I don't like her

    Name:  girld.png
Views: 1990
Size:  337.6 KB


    First nature scene! partially ref'd. WIP. Lots wrong with it

    Name:  naturasecen.png
Views: 1981
Size:  476.5 KB

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    Update, worked more on the imagined environment... I'm not liking it :I
    I'm planning on fixing the composition.

    Name:  Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 3.53.29 PM.png
Views: 1971
Size:  366.9 KB

    This was unref'd. I actually am very proud of myself because I was able to draw a nose that didn't look completely like a weiner. But also sad, this made me realize how much errors I have and need to improve on.

    Name:  uuiu.png
Views: 1975
Size:  484.0 KB

    Some gesture and tried contour today. Reached 77

    Name:  100_2410.JPG
Views: 1950
Size:  70.1 KBName:  100_2409.JPG
Views: 1963
Size:  56.2 KBName:  100_2408.JPG
Views: 1945
Size:  65.5 KBName:  100_2407.JPG
Views: 1940
Size:  63.9 KBName:  100_2406.JPG
Views: 1928
Size:  54.6 KBName:  100_2405.JPG
Views: 1929
Size:  49.9 KBName:  100_2403.JPG
Views: 1932
Size:  52.7 KB

    Did arm practices... and then I forgot everything I learned...yayyy

    Name:  100_2413.JPG
Views: 1917
Size:  46.5 KBName:  100_2412.JPG
Views: 1918
Size:  47.7 KBName:  100_2411.JPG
Views: 1926
Size:  51.3 KBName:  100_2414.JPG
Views: 1910
Size:  53.5 KB

    Some block in values

    Name:  3.png
Views: 1924
Size:  209.5 KBName:  2.png
Views: 1911
Size:  128.7 KBName:  1.png
Views: 1914
Size:  140.6 KB

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    hi there Pou

    lot of energy here ! may good things here !
    actually nothing to crit since you're doing good
    for the anatomy learning, doesn't matter if you forget some parts. be sure do many studies of each part to stick the most important things in your mind, then you can always get back to refs when illustrating

    MOST IMPORTANT: keep up ! (even if you have some breaks)


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    I'm really enjoying this sketchbook. Love your gestures and how messy your pages get(whether it's intentional or not xD)! I comment on something recent, I still have trouble with my contour to be honest. I think it's best to go slow and use one line as my art teacher told me once. But Vilppu said "there are no rules, only tools." Experiment with what works for you, in my opinion, to achieve the results you desire.

    Draw on.

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    Zou: Oh oh thank you! It's comments like this even if there isn't much critique,
    it is still very helpful.Very motivational
    I was feeling down because I always forget,

    P.S. Also nice username, you have an involuntary connection with me teehee.

    Oh gosh it is completely unintentional.
    I'm just a very messy person ahhah. Needa get that under control.
    Also I was trying the poses without lifting my pen
    Thank you for the advice! I was actually becoming quite discouraged by that.

    Was about to go to sleep but I think I'll stay up instead and try longer timed contour drawings and really think about the lines.


    Okay it looks like I didn't do much today
    Here's a little gross stuff

    Tried to do a kimchi ramen bowl study but I got too impatient and ate it all. Couldn't wait.

    Name:  ramenb.png
Views: 1880
Size:  255.3 KB

    Nonref person. Not diggin' it. Know what I have to work on. Worked on it a bit today

    Name:  fjytoiudasuytlvxcxf.png
Views: 1884
Size:  377.3 KB

    30 Min. Photo study

    Name:  girlnudeieheheurhehe.png
Views: 1876
Size:  405.1 KB

    Well was super busy today so I'll work much harder tomorrow.
    Also wanted to note that I will not be doing much color anything for the next month.
    Besides studies from life it will be all B&W and anatomy
    .... submitting portfolio in two months.

    So yeah, heads up boring things coming your way for a month.
    Then it will be crazy fun color time

    Last edited by Pou; November 13th, 2013 at 03:57 AM.
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    Hey guys, some reason CA wasn't working earlier? Oh well uploading now.

    I did some studies and then did unref'd.
    I think there's a slight improvement for my traditional
    No upload for studies

    Name:  100_2416.JPG
Views: 1864
Size:  35.7 KBName:  100_2417.JPG
Views: 1857
Size:  48.7 KBName:  100_2417.png
Views: 1864
Size:  159.1 KBName:  100_2419.JPG
Views: 1849
Size:  46.5 KB

    Tried some B&W studies of hand and photo. Bad. Gackt
    photo 50 min.

    Name:  airflighpskkd.png
Views: 1855
Size:  270.0 KBName:  airflighpsd.png
Views: 1846
Size:  241.6 KB

    Some animu stuff. ANIME GET OUT OF HERE. NO ONE WANTS YOU.

    Name:  kxhara1girllluddddnakeu.png
Views: 1846
Size:  235.7 KB

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    A couple of studies. Too lazy to upload rest!
    I'm so sorry for bad qualities. I only have camera

    Name:  100_2427.JPG
Views: 1830
Size:  62.0 KBName:  100_2428.JPG
Views: 1831
Size:  58.6 KBName:  100_2429.JPG
Views: 1814
Size:  61.7 KB

    Pen per grid drawings. I don't like, don't know what I'm doing = _ =

    Name:  100_2425.JPG
Views: 1833
Size:  142.9 KBName:  100_2424.JPG
Views: 1823
Size:  210.0 KB

    Some drawings unref'd. I think my best I've done so far is the one girl with goggles .
    Much improved... That arm though.

    Name:  100_2421.JPG
Views: 1818
Size:  64.3 KBName:  100_2422.JPG
Views: 1816
Size:  66.5 KBName:  100_2423.JPG
Views: 1820
Size:  65.0 KB

    A photo study. 30 Min

    Name:  aerwtgnnfdft4hutgytd.png
Views: 1809
Size:  210.7 KB

    Unref'd line and then color. ARGH IM NOT DOING COLOR AGAIN UNTIL A MONTH FROM NOW. I swear.
    Really to concentrate on value and anatomy. I have to turn in a portfolio for application in TWO months.
    So for this month, no color

    Name:  asdwffffbghiurrt.png
Views: 1806
Size:  217.5 KBName:  gdifsio2o222dfwerdsfaoo9938.png
Views: 1806
Size:  363.0 KB

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    It would be interesting to see you get into a more comprehensive and focused study, pushing it to the most finished state you possibly can.

    Spurting out 200 gazillion quick gesture studies could be good to gain momentum, but you obviously already got that going for you. And while I think it's great to set up achievable goals for yourself, I also consider it equally important to repeatedly question what it is you hope to acquire from it. Especially if it is a goal that will hog a lot of your time and energy. Halfway through you may have achieved what you first set out for. And then perhaps you could spend the remaining time more effectively?

    Prefer quality before quantity.

    And keep it up!

    Last edited by Ragnarsson; November 15th, 2013 at 05:26 PM.
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    Ragnarsson: Haha you're completely right! Not going to even defend myself,
    I have a huge problem with finishing things .
    I will definitely push for total/more completion in the future.

    Also I'm sorry I guess I wasn't quite clear, but I'll give explanation now.
    I'm doing the quick gesture studies to improve my lines ( because they SUCK SO MUCHHHH AHHHH ),
    also theyre blind! So blind contour too.
    But I was trying to do multiple things at once: get a feel for form, improve lines, and speed.
    Though I'll try to keep them cleaner. I've been narrowing down the quantity I'm doing day by day now too.
    I had no idea how bodies moved and they are always so stiff.
    And that is why I was doing so many of them.

    I'll try to have a balance of both quality and quantity
    I've only 26 more days left for me to study anatomy and how the body is.

    Thanks for your comment, I really do appreciate your advice so sosososo much. I'll be heeding it.


    Some studies of face, hands and other things. An unref'd girl is included somewhere too.
    I wish my scanner wasn't blurry

    Name:  100_2430.JPG
Views: 1789
Size:  80.1 KBName:  100_2438.JPG
Views: 1794
Size:  82.0 KBName:  100_2437.JPG
Views: 1791
Size:  66.8 KBName:  100_2436.JPG
Views: 1772
Size:  68.0 KBName:  100_2435.JPG
Views: 1778
Size:  66.3 KBName:  100_2434.JPG
Views: 1773
Size:  67.9 KBName:  100_2433.JPG
Views: 1783
Size:  65.5 KBName:  100_2432.JPG
Views: 1767
Size:  78.2 KBName:  100_2431.JPG
Views: 1773
Size:  78.3 KBName:  100_2439.JPG
Views: 1768
Size:  58.7 KB

    Also B&W phto study.
    Spent a couple of hours on this. Gonna push for more completion in the future

    Name:  suiucide girlsljop 1.png
Views: 1764
Size:  306.0 KB

    Does anyone know how to make more 3D-ness appearance in a drawing,
    if the photo doesn't naturally have dark values?
    Without messing with contrast or darkening it ( to where it doesn't appear same as photo )

    Kind of bugging me that it appears so flat. Guess I just suck at that right now

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    Some Eyes, feet, and hand studies. Because I suck at them!

    Name:  100_2442.JPG
Views: 1735
Size:  56.9 KBName:  100_2443.JPG
Views: 1738
Size:  67.1 KBName:  100_2444.JPG
Views: 1740
Size:  68.6 KBName:  100_2445.JPG
Views: 1738
Size:  56.4 KBName:  100_2446.JPG
Views: 1744
Size:  79.9 KBName:  100_2447.JPG
Views: 1736
Size:  66.6 KBName:  100_2448.JPG
Views: 1745
Size:  79.2 KBName:  100_2449.JPG
Views: 1739
Size:  79.7 KBName:  100_2450.JPG
Views: 1741
Size:  65.0 KB

    Some nonref'd girls...
    Reaching towards realism and less anime/cartoon

    Name:  100_2441.JPG
Views: 1743
Size:  64.6 KB

    took me awhile to get her face not to look distorted... but it still looks messed up.
    Also will have to practice on backs, never have before
    Name:  sdfaererad.png
Views: 1738
Size:  162.4 KB

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    Some nonreffed' girls

    Name:  100_2460.JPG
Views: 1730
Size:  83.3 KB

    Just some anatomy studies for yesterday.
    Did feet because have never studied them before really,
    some ears, eyes and a little miscellaneous

    Name:  100_2452.JPG
Views: 1711
Size:  78.6 KBName:  100_2453.JPG
Views: 1720
Size:  88.1 KBName:  100_2454.JPG
Views: 1719
Size:  87.3 KBName:  100_2455.JPG
Views: 1710
Size:  69.0 KBName:  100_2457.JPG
Views: 1711
Size:  83.3 KBName:  100_2458.JPG
Views: 1702
Size:  78.7 KB

    Not much. Slacking!! YARGH

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    uhhh 11/18-21/2013

    oh wow.... I slacked really hard these past 3 days. Had alot of fun going to a bunch of restaurant/fast food places though... I love food.

    So all I've really to show are these portrait heads, an hour each

    Selfie photo study

    Name:  selfie2.png
Views: 1708
Size:  228.3 KB
    Name:  selfie1.png
Views: 1706
Size:  227.9 KB
    I've got a question... Does everyone start out by looking like a crack addict or is that just me?
    Seriously haha what is this

    Name:  selfie1crackaddict.png
Views: 1705
Size:  239.1 KB

    Scarlett Johansson photo study

    Name:  sacrlette1.png
Views: 1715
Size:  282.2 KB

    Last edited by Pou; November 27th, 2013 at 11:38 PM.
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    Realized I suck at I try here. Oh and a nose
    My stomach hurts

    Name:  hlyul.png
Views: 1697
Size:  295.2 KBName:  blksdho8lder1.png
Views: 1698
Size:  462.3 KBName:  nosienpsehosie.png
Views: 1676
Size:  131.4 KB

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    woah, impressive female characters. faces are nice too. you are doing very well, not much to say, looks like you REALLY want to improve.
    (teach me to draw sexy female bodies Q_____Q!) xD no really-they're impressive. have fun! GO HARD!

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    Yuniken: Wow thanks for the compliment! Hahah I'll go super hard now
    I do really want to iimprove D:


    Lazy lazy. Okay time to work harder... took a break from art, was fatiqued. Bad

    Did a couple of sketch studies of eyes but nothing too impressive.

    An unref'd girl. ARGHHHH all of them are starting to look asian. And those eyes are still messed up
    I don't know what to do...other than practicing it more hahah

    Name:  asdfawerqwewer;uower;owqeri;.png
Views: 1677
Size:  239.1 KB

    So I practiced a bit more, a photo study
    30 Mins

    Name:  eeybeallsuzusudezu111231235111.png
Views: 1673
Size:  351.5 KB

    1 hr 20 mins, chose to work on an area a bit more after doing a general sweep of the face, a photo study
    Name:  daerawerasdff.png
Views: 1674
Size:  362.6 KB

    Last edited by Pou; November 27th, 2013 at 11:37 PM.
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    Hi Pou

    srry for long absence

    i'm very happy to see you're updating ! even if you feel down, this will make you better.

    when i think of it, i had always negative feelings wich vanished after i kept working on progressing.

    as a crit:
    some of your non reffed girls has small heads and off neck connections (not the last one)
    u can use oreilly 's structure mostly (the lines harmony) to harmonize your figures

    there is also for the head and the male figure (wich are great when you're drawing from mind)

    actually i don't see problem with your shading exercices, you only have to continue. think of light sources and those things. between your dark brushes strokes and pales grays you must find lay down more mid values
    think of working hard and soft edges, look at master paintings

    personally, i had to tweak a bit my brushes when shading( after begin frustrated by what i see.)

    keep updating mate

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    Zou: Oh Zou you are the best!! Thanks so much for your advices and critiques
    Yes I get discouraged so easily, but I'll try to keep what you've said in mind.
    Thanks for the share too! I have such troubles with proportions. I'll give it a try


    Happy Holidays (Thanksgiving) Guys!!!
    I'm thankful for food.
    Spent all day cooking and then gained 4lbs Ahhh.
    I am also thankful for my mother though. hehe ^ ___ ^


    A nonref'd girl. I think one thing clicked with me for this one...but then everything else didn't,
    I realize her face is pretty but everything else becomes lacking.
    Is it always going to be like this, where one area is better than the rest?

    1 hr 30 min

    Name:  mikurgirl.png
Views: 1646
Size:  347.6 KB

    Did some photo studies today

    Realized I never tried a detail hand study before, so here...
    I am so very slow at rendering

    1 hr 30 min

    Name:  handurrrgdthnls_turkeyday yay.png
Views: 1630
Size:  179.4 KB

    Tried a more contrasted photo image to study light and shadow...
    Looks like a mustache or soot though
    Will also have to study furrrrr

    40 Min
    Name:  sdfkjaw;erifacedigrlllddf11231234512111.png
Views: 1639
Size:  300.1 KB

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    Some gestures, and arm studies. Realized I fail very very much at arms even more than originally thought :I
    Also a nonreff'd disproportionate girl

    Don't mind the fake blood on the paper

    Name:  100_2461.JPG
Views: 1637
Size:  83.5 KBName:  100_2463.JPG
Views: 1620
Size:  69.8 KBName:  100_2465.JPG
Views: 1622
Size:  59.4 KBName:  100_2466.JPG
Views: 1616
Size:  83.7 KBName:  100_2467.JPG
Views: 1611
Size:  70.4 KBName:  100_2468.JPG
Views: 1622
Size:  57.7 KB

    Bewb photo study

    Name:  bewbieszzzq1.png
Views: 1616
Size:  204.1 KB

    A nonreff'd demon chick I drew.
    2 Hours and it looks like crap

    Name:  demonnigrlrldfasdf.png
Views: 1604
Size:  177.2 KB

    Okay so I do this traditional sketch then quick greyscale...
    This sketch+Greyscale(total = 20mins) looks so much better than the demon girl (above)
    which I spent 2 whole hours on.

    Why do I have such a huge disconnect when it comes to digital art? :I
    I'll work on art traditionally first and then digitally in the future. Gosh.

    Name:  shadowgiend.png
Views: 1600
Size:  283.4 KB

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    Hey. Nice sketchbook, love the volume of work you are putting. Your drawing is improving fairly quickly which is great. My piece of advice is; try to focus more on rendering. Your edges are slopy, your values need more work as well. If I were you I'd focus for couple weeks purely on still life paintings. Spent many hours to render it properly. Always when you push something as far as possible you get better at it. Keep that in mind. Keep pushing!

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    I like yr style, it's really fun to look at.. and yr good at capturing facial expressions. I'm intrigued to see what else you do

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