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    Oni Progress Report...

    This picture is done entirely in Photoshop with a tablet...

    I'm showing all the layers at once, but I hope to see if I was anatomically correct with this picture so far.

    The blob of red was pretty much based on the idea for conte crayon of starting with the blot first and then capturing it with lines.

    It's still pretty rough so far, but a progress report would be nice.

    Name:  Oni(progress).jpg
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    Well... I'm afraid your anatomy is wrong in almost every place. For one thing your
    lines are way to thick. You will have a hard time learning anatomy with those,
    simply because they cover such a large amount of space that you will never be able
    to tell where your are right or wrong. The problem with those bulky lines is, that
    even 'within' them there is so much room that contains several possibilities, where
    the right line could be.
    I'm having a hard time explaining this... don't know if it's clear.
    Long story short: Use crisp and clear lines. Don't hide behind bulky stuff!

    My second piece of advice would be to use reference and make anatomy studies.
    If I understand you correctly, you did not. Don't try to make things up, before
    you are not able to draw them correctly with reference.
    It's pretty much the same like with an engineer for example. They don't just invent
    a new engine, before they have spent hundreds of hours at the university,
    learning how to actually make one.

    Keep going! You will improve with everything you draw

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    Try sketching with pencil on paper. It is much easier to control than a stylus.

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