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Thread: pooch pics ala blackhawk

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    pooch pics ala blackhawk

    Here are life drawings of my extremely self conscious rhodesian ridgeback. she gave up trying to avoid my gaze and was most comfortable with her unflatering end in my direction.
    pooch pics ala blackhawkpooch pics ala blackhawkpooch pics ala blackhawkpooch pics ala blackhawkpooch pics ala blackhawk
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    lol, ah yes, my two dogs do the same thing with facing rearside to me. I usually coax my dog Clyde into passing out, and then I'll move around to a spot where I can sketch his head. Then 2.2 milliseconds later he'll completely shift pose and stare at me, get up, nose around, then pass out again, repeat ad nausem. It makes for an interesting sketching session.

    The second and third are my favorite two, the third the best out of those two. Nice work. They all could benefit from some stronger proportions and construction though, the dog looks too noodley in some of the drawings. Overall though, I like them. Nice job Mia.
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    Good job mia these look real sponaneous and well thought out. Try reducing your dog (albeit his rear end if you have to) to shapes alone...draw only shapes first...then put the skeleton on it and then the muscles and skin...try that out and then look up some dog anatomy and see how correct your conceptions were and then do this again. That might help to "see" the structure of your ridgeback more. Looks great! Keep it up...I love the expression of the upper right sketch in the third pic hehe.
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